Issue #110.1

25 January 2017

Issue #110.1

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Google AMP Is Not a Good Thing
- Written by Daniel Miessler, Information Security Professional
In 2017, Learn *Every* Language
- Written by Ozan Onay, CS Teacher
The Story of the Fraudulent Coder
- Written by Shakycode, Developer
Faster Javascript Deployments
- Written by Nathan Rajlich, Guillermo Rauch and Tony Kovanen, Engineers at Zeit
Mistakes I Made Writing a Django App (and How I Fixed Them)
- Written by Grant McConnaughey, Full-stack web developer
Intro to Error Handling in Swift 3
- Written by Bob Lee, iOS Blogger

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Communicating The Dangers of Non-Secure HTTP
- Written by Tanvi Vyas, Security/Privacy Engineer and Tech Lead at Mozilla
2016 Javascript Rising Stars
- Written by Michael Rambeau, Full-Stack Web Developer at Bento&Co
Mockaroo: Random Data Generator
- Written by Mark Brocato, Senior Engineering Manager at Sencha
The Struggle With Rust
- Written by Oren Eini, Founder of RavenDB
Introducing Pipenv!
- Written by Kenneth Reitz, Python Overlord at Heroku
What's New in Pyramid 1.8
- Written by Michael Merickels, Developer

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