Issue #95.1

24 August 2016

Issue #95.1: "The Hardest Problem in Computer Science", and much more...

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The Hardest Problem in Computer Science
- Written by Eevee, Engineer
Offline Storage for Progressive Web Apps
- Written by Addy Osmani, Engineer at Google
Static vs Dynamic Types
- Written by Gary Bernhardt, Founder of Destroy all Software
Web APIs You (Probably) Didn't Know Existed (Video)
- Presented by Zeno Rocha, Front-end Developer
Testing, For People Who Hate Testing
- Written by Eevee, Engineer
Exclusive to Pointer: Stack Overflow as a Service
- Written by Chet Haase, Comedian and Senior Software Engineer at Google

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My Top Eight Must-Listen Developer Podcasts
- Written by Ben Halpern, Creator of The Practical Dev
How We Made the RioRun Progressive Web App
- Written by Rich Harris, Interactive Journalist at the Guardian
Silicon Valley Sucks at Training Software Engineers
- Written by Sylvain Kalache, Co-founder of Holberton School
Mac Software For Web Dev
- Written by jaywcjlove, Engineer
When Big O Fools Ya
- Written by Jack Mott, Programmer
Handy Python Libraries for Formatting and Cleaning Data
- Written by Melissa Bierly, Content Marketing at Mode

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