Issue #366

8 November 2022

Issue #366
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The Senior Shift
- Camille Fournier
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "The real difference that companies are looking for is not that you are capable, but that you have demonstrated those capabilities by delivering impact. It’s not enough to have the skills, you have to deploy them to produce something of value to the wider group. In fact, while companies may put language about increasing expertise in their engineering levels, the real lens that they use to evaluate that expertise is through increasing scope of ownership, delivery, and impact."
What To Do When a Beloved Employee Quits
- Lara Hogan
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "Consider team dynamics, the projects on this person’s plate, and what you want the future to look like. The employee may: (1) Be highly respected so you want to optimize for supporting their teammates and helping them feel secure after they leave. (2) Be disruptive to team culture, so you want to optimize for a smooth and speedy departure with minimal conflict. (3) Have a lot of connections to folks you may want to hire for future roles, so you want to ensure they have a really positive experience in the last few weeks. Lara walks through the playbook. 
How Passwordless Works
- Alan Parra
#Management #Security

tl;dr: This blog post by Teleport explains how passwordless can be implemented using modern technologies such as WebAuthn, while at the same time providing a better user experience and security than the traditional password-based approach.

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Improving Instagram Notification Management With Machine Learning And Causal Inference
- Nailong Zhang

tl;dr: "The key to solving this problem is figuring out the incremental value of sending a daily digest notification compared to not sending... For some cohorts, they would be active without receiving the daily digest notifications and thus the incremental values would be small; selecting these cohorts to send the digest notifications is inefficient and may even spam these users."

Interested In A New Role?

Pointer is curating a list of high quality, vetted software engineering and engineering management roles, many of them remote, at both funded startups, scaling and enterprise companies. 
Things You Should Know About Databases
- Mahdi Yusuf

tl;dr: "So, without fully getting into the weeds on database-specific quirks, I will cover everything you should understand about RDBMS indexes. I will touch briefly on transactions and isolation levels and how they can impact your reasoning about specific transactions."
The Case For JPEG XL
- Jon Sneyers

tl;drThe authors looked at six aspects of JPEG XL where it brings "significant benefits over existing image formats:" (1) Lossless JPEG recompression. (2) Progressive decoding. (3) Lossless compression performance. (4) Lossy compression performance. (5) Deployable encoder. (6) Works across the workflow.

How Open Source Is Eating AI

tl;dr: "Sufficiently advanced community is indistinguishable from magic. Researchers and well funded teams have been very good at producing new foundational models (FM), but it is the open source community that have been very good at coming up with productized use cases and optimizing the last mile of the models." The author discusses how this applies to various AI communities. 

#Twitter #ThoughtPiece
tl;dr: "For Twitter, the wall is about to come down: the world is going to change — and it’s not going to change back. I keep wondering about “what is going to replace Twitter”, but I am increasingly of the belief that this is the wrong question, that no single thing is going to replace Twitter. That is, Twitter as an idea — a single social platform catering to all demographics and uses — will become like the evening nightly news or the morning newspaper: a relic from a bygone era."
Notable GitHub Repos
Robust speech recognition via large-scale weak supervision.

Algorithm Visualizer
Interactive online platform that visualizes algorithms.

Linux Bash Commands
Ultimate list of Linux bash commands.

A libre lightweight streaming front-end for Android.

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