Issue #281

11 January 2022

Issue #281

Tuesday 11th January's issue is presented by Datadog
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: Knowing how your org works can be: (1) Knowing what technical skill you need to invest effort into that will actually be rewarded. (2) How to build lasting relationships with other people on your team or organization that will ultimately dictate the success of a project. (3) How to effectively pitch projects or improvements and see these through to completion. (4) How to navigate ambiguity, and more. 
Managing Managers: Words of Wisdom from Experienced Engineering Executives
- Daniel Korn
#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: As Daniel transitioned into a new role managing managers, he sought wisdom from several, experienced executives, askin them 4 questions: (1) What worked for you and helped you succeed? (2) Have you experienced failure? What would you have done differently? (3) Were there any resources you found helpful as you grew into the role (4) What piece of advice would you give your past self before entering the role?
DevSecOps Maturity Model White Paper
#Management #Security #Devops

tl;dr: A blueprint for assessing and advancing your organization’s DevSecOps practices to detect vulnerabilities and deliver digital services with more confidence.

Promoted by Datadog.

Hunting Tech Debt Via Org Charts
- Marianne Bellotti
tl;dr: "The types of problems organizations have are heavily influenced by their incentive structure." Marianne describes the types of problems you'll find in various org structures i.e. in engineering led orgs, orgs where engineering reports to product, or security, or in flat orgs. She concludes "the best organizations at managing technical debt tend to be the ones that have a thoughtful process in place to adjudicate competing incentives."

Cloud Monitoring & Security Built for Enterprise Scale

Datadog is an intuitive cloud monitoring and security platform that provides IT, DevOps, and security teams complete visibility into their cloud applications with effortless deployment, minimal maintenance, and unparalleled breadth of coverage.

Consider SQLite
- Wesley Aptekar-Cassels

tl;dr: "If you were creating a web app from scratch today, what database would you use? Probably the most frequent answer I see to this is Postgres", although common answers are MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, etc..." Wesley makes a case for why you should consider SQLite. "As long as you don't expect to need tens of thousands of small writes per second, thousands of large writes, or long-lived write transactions, it's highly likely that SQLite will support your usecase. "
Simplicity of IRC
- Susam Pal 
tl;dr: "For many of us who were introduced to the Internet during that time, writing an IRC bot turned out to be one of our first few non-trivial hobby programming projects that involved network sockets, did something meaningful, and served actual users." Susam illustrates how simple the IRC protocol is. 
2021 JavaScript Rising Stars

tl;dr: Annual round-up of the JS landscape, including most popular projects, most popular build tools, and more. "To build modern sites and applications, it seems we have entered the era of the meta frameworks: Next.js, Nuxt, SvelteKit... and the promising newcomer Remix."

Open Source Maintainer Pulls The Plug On Npm Packages Colors And Faker, Now What?
- Liran Tal, Assaf Ben Josef
#IndustryNews #OpenSource

tl;dr: "The open source maintainer of the wildly popular npm package colors intentionally introduced an offending commit that adds an infinite loop to the source code. The infinite loop is triggered and executed immediately upon initialization of the package’s source code, and would result in a DoS."

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