Issue #324

10 June 2022

Issue #324
Friday 10th June's issue is presented by Mux

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What To Do When Your Feedback Doesn't Land
- Lara Hogan
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: You want to "check that this person has internalized the feedback and will begin to make changes." (1) Ask them if they understand the feedback and urgency. (2) Intentionally create space and pauses to give them time to respond. (3) Ask them to reflect back what they heard. (4) Ask open coaching questions e.g. “okay, given this feedback, what are you planning on changing to be able to meet these expectations?” (5) Identify next steps.
The Value Of Embarrassment
- Ed Baptista
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: The impulse to pretend that nothing has happened is understandable, it carries a cost: You may actually heighten your embarrassment and distress. Instead, by acknowledging and addressing your embarrassment, you: (1) Diminish your embarrassment and the resulting distress. (2) Clarify the situation, restore consistency to your self-presentation, and reduce others' anxiety. (3) Role model a productive response to unwelcome events.

#Management #Video

tl;dr: In the beginning, there was on-demand video. Then came live streaming. Now, Mux presents Real-Time Video. The online video trifecta is complete, and it is good.

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Why, Oh Why Was This Added?
- Žiga Miklič

tl;dr: "While not commenting event calls is usually not a big deal, it may be a problem in situations like mine where I had to go over many ambiguous use cases at once. This resulted in a lot of wasted time that could be otherwise avoided if the original author added a comment."

"Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute."

― Harold Abelson

My Favorite NPM Commit
- Isaac Schlueter
#NPM Entertaining

tl;dr: "Since setting file timestamps to an arbitrary date in the past is, in a way, a form of time travel, we did this instead..."

Engineering Levels At Honeycomb: Avoiding The Scope Trap
- Ben Darfler 

tl;dr: "Your area of influence should expand as you gain experience. Yet, there is an unfortunate shadow side to this approach: a ladder that conflates advancement with scope is a ladder that only rewards engineers who work on the largest projects. This doesn’t seem fair." Based on this, Ben shares Honeycomb's new engineering job ladder and growth framework.
The Collapse Of Complex Software
- Nolan Lawson
tl;dr: Nolan discusses the trends causing increasingly complex software, such as commercial pressure or misaligned incentives. "It takes a lot of discipline to resist complexity, to say “no” to new boxes and arrows. To say, “No, we won’t solve that problem, because that will just introduce 10 new problems that we haven’t imagined yet.” Or to say, “Let’s go with a much simpler design, even if it seems amateurish, because at least we can understand it.” Or to just say, “Let’s do less instead of more.”
UX Patterns For CLI Tools
- Lucas F. Costa
tl;dr: "Most technical people choose GUIs not because GUIs are the best tool for the job. People choose GUIs because the CLI alternatives usually suck. That’s my hunch. In this blog post, I’ll cover good UX patterns for CLI applications. Furthermore, when applicable, I’ll compare how these UX patterns help developers replicate the valuable characteristics of most good GUIs."
Notable GitHub Repos
The open source security platform.

A modern replacement for Redis and Memcached.


Real-time face swap for PC streaming or video calls.

Pre-Built vulnerable environments based on Docker.

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