Issue #171

30 January 2020

Issue #171
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- Jan Stette
#BestPractice #Guide
tl;dr: A collection of things Jan believes about development broken down into fundamentals, code, design, quality, teams and more.  
- Federico Pereiro
tl;dr: Using Ubuntu, Node, Redis and a few other tools, we are taken through various architectural configurations Federico implements regularly. 
#Salaries #CareerAdvice
tl;dr: Chip ran an analysis to try and answer several questions including "how long does it take for software engineers to reach a certain level?" and "do women get paid less than men in tech?"
- Michael Bryan
#SoftSkills #PracticalTips
tl;dr: Communicating engineering to non-programmers can be an important part of the job and, often, programmers shy away. Michael explains strategies and techniques he uses. 
#Architecture #Guide
tl;dr: A comprehensive guide - what an architect is, various levels of architecture, typical activities, important skills, suggested books and more.
- Byron Delpinal
#Management #ManagementProcess
tl;dr: Guiding multiple teams toward a single goal is difficult. Here’s how software design patterns can encourage open lines of communication, make alignment possible, and help those teams thrive.
I'm working on a project to better understand how people connect movement with emotions. 🚴🏽😊

Here's a fun & anonymous survey: 

- Justin Jackson
#CareerAdvice #Startup
tl;dr: Justin advises entrepreneurs to optimize for margin - both business margins such as profit and personal margins, by creating boundaries for yourself. 
- Matthieu Cneude
#Wellness #Guide
tl;dr: A guide to burnout - causes, symptoms, how to talk about it to your manager and strategies to counter it. "Strong social bounds are the best medicine against chronic stress."
- Zack Bloom
tl;dr: Cloudflare analyzed anonymous data around jQuery's usage. While a new version of jQuery was adopted quickly, there wasn't a decline in usage of older versions.
- Reed Barger
tl;dr: 5 projects that help you "bridge the gap between knowing the fundamentals of React and becoming a professional developer."
- Brad Fitzpatrick
#Go #Google
tl;dr: After 10 years working on Go, Brad is leaving Google. "I want to build something new again...I don't want to get stuck in a comfortable rut. (And Google certainly is comfortable, except for open floor plans.)"
- Karthikeyan Singaravelan
tl;dr: "There were changes made to Python 3.9 that broke a lot of packages since many deprecation warnings became errors." A run through of said changes. 
Editor's Correction: In last week's issue I incorrectly attributed On Pair Programming to Martin Fowler. The correct authors are Birgitta Böckeler & Nina Siessegger.

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