Issue #44.1

5 August 2015

Issue #44.1: Doing Terrible Things to Your Code, and much more...

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- Written by Jeff Atwood, Co-founder of Stack Overflow
- Written by Jared Forsyth, Engineer at Khan Academy
- Selected by 
Paul Christophe, Co-founder at Art Hack Day
- Written by Craig Kerstiens, Engineer at Heroku
- Written by Peter Paul-Koch, Mobile Platform Strategist
- Written by the Atlassian Engineering Team
- Written by Brendan Gregg, Large Scale Cloud Computing at Netflix
- Written by Michael Hoffman, Product & Engineering at Food52
- Written by Glenn Stovall, Business Consultant & Software Engineer
- Written by Taylor Hughes, Founder at Launchkit
- Written by Jake Yesbeck, Software Engineer
- Written by Mike Robellard, Director of Technology

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