Issue #224

11 February 2021

Issue #224
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tl;dr: Elite careers happen in 3 phases - (1) IC to leader, (2) leader to exec, (3) Career re-invention unconstrained of finances. To navigate the two first phases, soft-skills are more valuable. You'll need a thirst for growth, the ability to influence, management of your own emotions. Each are outlined in detail. 
tl;dr: "Do the easy boring job regularly, instead of the hard scary job in a panic." Jessica highlights the increasing, non-linear costs incurred when we don't repair something often and frequently. 
#CareerAdvice #Management
tl;dr: (1) Know what to delegate (2) Identify desired outcomes and restraints and give full business context (3) Remove yourself from the project, but find the right cadence for updates and label your feelings when asked for feedback.
Mobile Platform Teams
- Gergely Orosz
#Mobile #Management
tl;dr: "The idea of setting up a mobile platform team will probably come around to you if your area has around 20 or more mobile engineers working on one or more apps." Gergely talks through how to approach this and challenges ahead. 
#CareerAdvice #MentalHealth

tl;dr: Stress is a biological reaction to danger. As humans, we're able to induce it at other times, which can be harmful. Ways to combat stress are to increase your sense of control and predictability of a situation, create outlets for frustration e.g. exercise and increase social support.

"What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months."

- Fred Brooks

The Weirdest Compiler Bug
- Scott Rasmussen
#Compiler #Debugging
tl;dr: "There are approximately 7.5x10^18 grains of sand on Earth. This story is about finding changes in an equation that has a difference of approximately 1e-18 out of hundreds of billions of calculations."
- Aleksey Kladov
tl;dr: It takes 2x more time to write a patch if you are unfamiliar with the project, but 10x more time to figure out where to change the code. " is a low-effort high-leverage way to bridge this gap." Aleksey gives us an example. 
Homebrew 3.0.0
- Mike McQuaid
tl;dr: "Today I’d like to announce Homebrew 3.0.0. The most significant changes since 2.7.0 are official Apple Silicon support and a new bottle format in formulae."
tl;dr: (1) Don’t ignore the engineering team. (2) Don’t ignore the domain. (3) Don’t prescribe or mandate architectures. (4) Don’t just seek architectural consistency. (5) Don’t forget about the current architectural state. (6) Don’t get too attached to the desired architecture. (7) Don’t let review processes stagnate.
Hello World!
- Ashley Williams
tl;dr: "I’m excited to announce the Rust Foundation, a new independent non-profit organization to steward the Rust programming language and ecosystem, with a unique focus on supporting the set of maintainers that govern and develop the project."
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