Issue #304

1 April 2022

Issue #304
Friday 1st April's issue is presented by Doppler

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How To Scale A Unicorn-Building Engineering Team (And Stay Sane)
- Gad Salner
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: How can you expand all of your critical engineering domains at the same time? By enabling your "engineers to lead and own your group’s level-up." Gad walks us though a framework where a "task force" - two engineers and a manager from within the eng org - is assigned a domain e.g. monitoring, onboarding, testing. These task forces go through 6 step process outlined here to identify, predict and solve pain points that the org may hit during growth.
Emerging Architectures For Modern Data Infrastructure
- Matt Bornstein, Jennifer Li, Martin Casado
#Management #Data #Architecture

tl;dr: "To help data teams stay on top of the changes happening in the industry, we’re publishing in this post an updated set of data infrastructure architectures. They show the current best-in-class stack across both analytic and operational systems, as gathered from numerous operators we spoke with over the last year."

On Holistic Secrets Management
tl;dr: If secrets sprawling uncontrollably across cloud secret managers and external platforms sounds familiar, then you need to redefine what managing secrets means at enterprise scale by taking a universal approach. Schedule a demo to learn more from our team. 

Promoted by Doppler.

tl;dr: "Working in tech, I've observed developers who work as hard as possible when they don't need to. I'm here today to tell you that it's a bad idea and you shouldn't do it." By this, John means someone who has "no real sense of how much work is expected of them and then drives themself at an unsustainable pace trying to meet a standard." He advises us on a different approach. 

"Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self."

- Damian Conway

Bottleneck #02: Talent
- Tim Cochran, Roni Smith
#Leadership #Management #Scale
tl;dr: Common tech debt bottlenecks by companies entering growth. The authors cover the common signs you are approaching a scaling bottleneck i.e. frustration from employees, stretching to hit deadlines, dependency on people and more. And strategies on how to get out of the bottleneck i.e. Use your technology and innovation as a hiring differentiator, hire more T-shaped technologists than specialists, utilize non-senior developers, and more. 
Understanding Layout Algorithms
- Josh Comeau

tl;dr: "The key realization I had is that CSS is so much more than a collection of properties. It's a constellation of inter-connected layout algorithms. Each algorithm is a complex system with its own rules and secret mechanisms." Josh looks at how this new lens can help make sense of what's happening in CSS. And use that lens to "solve a surprisingly-common mystery."

Generics Can Make Your Go Code Slower
- Vicent Marti
#Go #Generics

tl;dr: "This blog post does not take sides in that debate, or advise where and when to use Generics in Go. Instead, this blog post is about the third side of the generics conundrum: It’s about systems engineers who are not excited about generics per se, but about monomorphization and its performance implications."

What To Expect From Python 3.11?
- Bas Steins

tl;dr: (1) Even better error messages. (2) Adding the self type. (3) Introduction of Variadic Generics in the context of numerical libraries. (4) TOML format can be parsed with a tomllib. (5) ExceptionGroups allowing us to raise multiple exceptions simultaneously. (6) AsyncIO task groups. (7) Performance improvements.

Notable GitHub Repos
Hacking Tool
All-in-one tool for hackers. 

Autocomplete to your terminal.


Open source API development ecosystem

Pre-built vulnerable environments on Docker-Compose.

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