Issue #367

11 November 2022

Issue #367
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#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "While companies and teams vary, in most cases, an EM has authority over how their team works and how they evaluate their team members. This authority means they have three primary tools for change: Systems, Behavior, and Reward." Francisco discusses each here.
What US Engineering Managers Can Expect To Earn In 2022
- Scott Carey
#Leadership #Management #Salary

tl;dr: "Data found that engineering management roles – ranging from engineering manager up to director and VP of engineering – still consistently pay the highest among tech roles." The article shows the national average salary range for the 50th and 75th percentile of applicants of CTO, senior manager, and other roles.

The DevSecOps Maturity Model
#Management #DevOps #Security

tl;dr: A blueprint for assessing and advancing your organization’s DevSecOps practices to detect vulnerabilities and deliver digital services with more confidence.

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The State Of Frontend In 2022
- Gergely Orosz

tl;dr: Gergely covers topics such as How Frontend Engineers Work, Engineering Practices, Technologies, Developer Tools, and more. "27% of respondents reported working at a company with more than 50 frontend engineers. At the same time, 30% of developers shared how 5 or fewer frontend developers work at their company. 50% of respondents work at companies with 10 or more frontend engineers."

"Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary."

- Blaise Pascal
Where Exactly Does Python 3.11 Get Its ~25% Speedup?
- Beshr Kayali
#Python #Performance

tl;dr: "Python 3.11 was released a few days ago and as usual, it comes with more than a few new features that make it ever more interesting, from exception groups and fine-grained error locations and tracebacks to TOML parsing support in the standard library and of course the much awaited speedup as part of the faster CPython project. CPython 3.11 is 25% faster than CPython 3.10 on average according to benchmarks with pyperformance."
#PostgreSQL #Scale
tl;dr: "In this post, we'll discuss how we horizontally scale PostgresML to achieve more than 1 million XGBoost predictions per second on commodity hardware.
Accidental $70k Google Pixel Lock Screen Bypass
- David Schütz
#Security #Mobile #Android

tl;dr: "I found a vulnerability affecting seemingly all Google Pixel phones where if you gave me any locked Pixel device, I could give it back to you unlocked. The bug just got fixed in the November 5, 2022 security update. The issue allowed an attacker with physical access to bypass the lock screen protections (fingerprint, PIN, etc.) and gain access to the user’s device."

Everything New From GitHub Universe 2022
- Thomas Dohmke
#GitHub #IndustryNews

tl;dr: "AI will soon be integrated into every aspect of the developer experience, and, therefore, we’re making GitHub Copilot even more accessible. Coming soon, businesses can purchase and manage seat licenses for GitHub Copilot for their employees."
Notable Jobs Opportunities
Notable Job Opportunities

If you're looking for your next role, signup to our Talent Collective to view new job opportunities at funded startups, high growth and enterprise companies. Recent jobs include:

- Engineering Manager @ Highlight: $165-204K + 0.2-0.3%, Remote
- Lead Engineer (Front End): $150-180K, Remote
- Head of Solution Engineering @ Cloudflare: Remote

Notable GitHub Repos
Next-generation crawling and spidering framework.

Relational DB that focuses on graph data & algorithms.

Send push notifications to your phone or desktop via PUT / POST

A unified deep learning system for big model era.

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