Issue #162

21 November 2019

Issue #162
Weekly Reading For Technical Leaders
- Will Larson, Head of Foundation Engineering at Stripe
tl;dr: Code is "big ball of mud" at growth stage companies. Will describes a new approach to untangle it. "List all the beliefs you'd need to have to be confident in modifying your software" and see how they move up the behavior & property ladder, which he describes in detail.  
- Julia Evans
tl;dr: Julia explains how containers work with overlays, which let you mount a filesystem using 2 directories  - a lower, read only one & an upper, read and write one. 
- Benjamin Congdon, Software Engineer at Google Cloud
tl;dr: Benjamin sites the philosophy of Go's designers for its success. With a strong emphasis on forward compatibility code tends not to break with updates. There's a removal of extraneous features yet you get everything you need. 
The Mind Behind Linux (2016 Video)
- Linus Torvalds, Founder of the Linux Kernel & Git 
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tl;dr: Fascinating conversation about the inception of Linux and Git, and the man behind them. The initial community involved in Linux was critical. Git was a result of managing Linux's growth. Both projects were to solve Linus' immediate needs. 
tl;dr: We promote simplicity but don't define it. The word arises when programmers believe that concepts should be integral to a language due to their own needs. Every decision to simplify something results in a cost. "Simplicity is not simple."   
- Vicki Boykis, Data Scientist
tl;dr: (1) Large companies are proving the upgrade takes time, Dropbox has taken 3 years. (2) There are security concerns, especially in industries like healthcare. (3) Inertia, bugs are being found. 
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- The GitHub Team
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tl;dr: In order to preserve the open source code we are highly dependent on, GitHub has built a vault in the Arctic where all Open Source code will be stored. You can read more about it here
- Matt Eland, Software Development Manager at MoveHQ
tl;dr: Matt looks at TypeScript 3.7 through the lens of how they "impact software and code quality" discussing Optional Chaining, Nullish Coalescing, Assertion Functions and more. 
- Ben Brodie, Software Engineer
tl;dr: Ben runs through the advantages of, and his approach to, creating Makefiles in his code, with examples in Ruby. 
- Philip Edwards, Software Developer
tl;dr: A guide to coding standards, defined as "everything that is used to improve code quality and reliability." This runs through what a guide should look like and should include.
- Q&A With Barbara Liskov, Institute Professor at MIT & Winner of Turing Award
tl;dr: Barbara won the Turing Award for developing the Liskov Substitution Principle. She discusses the harm of modern algorithms and her experiences of being an award winning female engineer. 
- Glenn Conner, Software Developer at Facebook
tl;dr: The first three parts were around optimizing loading patterns. This part is about shipping less code to the user, particularly JavaScript. 

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