Issue #25.1

25 March 2015

Issue #25.1: The Terrible Tech Interview, and much more...

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The Terrible Tech Interview
- Written by Jon Evans, Software Engineer and Journalist at TechCrunch
This is What Impactful Engineering Leadership Looks Like
- Written by The First Round Review 
Shared Dictionary Compression for HTTP at LinkedIn
- Written by Omer Shapira, Engineering Manager at LinkedIn
The Future of Drag and Drop APIs
- Written by Dan Abramov, Author of React Hot Loader
Make Your New Hires Feel Welcome with Automated Onboarding
- Written by Nathan Walls, Software Engineer
FB Tool Simulates Slow Networks
- Written by Frederich Lardinois, Journalist at TechCrunch
Wearables of 2025
- Written by Nikki Lee, Engineer & Designer at Microsoft Windows
An Analytics Primer for Developers
- Written by Mark Wheeler, CTO at Rormix
- Selected by Stephane Jolicoeur, Engineer
How to Scale Your Company Culture
- Written by Alexa Meyer, Product Marketing Director at
Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Time and Time Zones
- Written by Lau T, Software Developer
- Selected by 
Rich Hong, Co-founder and CTO of Confide
Ruby NLP Resources
- Written by Kevin Dias, Developer at TM-Town
#Ruby #NLP
My Approach to Class Based Views
- Written by Luke Plant, Django Developer
How to Get Text Input From the User
- Written by Brian Gilham, Senior Mobile Developer at The Working Group

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