Issue #89.1

7 July 2016

Issue #89.1

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-  Interview with Sandi Metz, Ruby Programmer
- Written by Bozhidar Bozhanov, Software Engineer
-  Written by Rhys Hiltner, Software Engineer at Twitch
-  Written by Kent Dodds, Open Source Contributor and Engineer at PayPal
- Written by Francesc Campoy, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud
The Future of the Web
- Written by Matt Griffin, Designer and Founder of Bearded Studio

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-  Written by Prakhar Srivastav, Engineer at Twitter 
- Written by Will Yager, Software Engineer
Pendulum: Python Date and Time Made Easy
- Written by Sébastien Eustace, Freelance Python Engineer
-  Written by Maciej Konieczny, Full Stack Software Engineer at Applause

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