Issue #104.1

17 November 2016

Issue #104.1

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Why Is Machine Learning Hard
- Written by Zayd Enam, AI Researcher
To Avoid Getting Caught in the Developer Skill Gap, Do This
- Written by Richard Seroter, Senior Director of Product at Pivotal
H.264 is Magic
- Written by Sid Bala, Technology Polymath
The Code I'm Still Ashamed Of
- Written by Bill Sourour, Founder of Dev Mastery
Building Indexable Progressive WebApps
- Written by Toyo Taylor, AMP Community Manager
The Engineer's Guide to Management
- Written by Chet Haase, Comedian and Senior Software Engineer at Google

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NTP: I Need You To Go Ahead and Love It
- Written by Chris Short, DevOps at Solar Winds MSP
CertiKOS: A Breakthrough Toward Hacker-Resistant Operating Systems
- Written by William Weir, Director of Outreach & News at Yale School of Engineering
Seven Years of Go
- Written by the GoLang Engineering Team
An Intro to Monkey Testing with Gremlin.js
- Written by Alicia Sedlock, Front-end Developer
Finally Understanding How References Work in Android and Java
- Written by Enrique Lopez Manas, Android and iOS Developer
19 Things I Learnt Reading the NodeJS Docs
- Written by David Gilbertson, Web Developer

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