Issue #98.1

21 September 2016

Issue #98.1: "Want to be an Engineering Manager?" and much more...

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Want to be an Engineering Manager?
- Written by Edna Piranha, Software Engineer
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Getting Things Done
- Written by Julia Evans, engineer at Stripe
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So You Want to be a Functional Programmer (Part 3)
- Written by Charles Scalfani, CTO at Panoramic Software
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Javascript and Node.js Continue to Eat the World
- Written by Dale Knauss, Software Engineer at Presence Product Group
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A New Way To Plan Your Trip: Introducing the Airbnb iMessage App
- Written by the AirBnB Engineering Team
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Exclusive to Pointer: The Engineer's Guide to Desks
- Written by Chet Haase, Comedian and Senior Software Engineer at Google
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Interested in working at a funded early stage startup?

We're looking for engineers based in NY, SF and LA interested in tackling complex problems at early stage funded startups.

Take less than 5 mins to complete your profile and let startups reach out to you. Only respond if you're interested.

We've invested in, Soylent, Percolate, IFTTT and more...  

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The Curious Case of the Switch Statement
- Written by Eevee, Engineer
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First Impressions of React
- Written by Remy Sharp, Developer and Founder of Left Logic
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A Faster Reddit With Accelerated Mobile Pages
- Written by Jeremy Karmel, Growth at Reddit
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30 Essential Python Tips and Tricks for Programmers
- Written by Meenakshi Agarwal, Python Engineer
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You Might Not Need Redux
- Written by Dan Abramov, Team at React.js
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Safe and Unsafe Operations for High Volume Postgres
- Written by Alexey Vasiliev, Software Engineer and Architect
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