Issue #158

24 October 2019

Issue #158
Weekly Reading For Technical Leaders
- Charity Majors, CTO at Honeycomb
tl;dr: Being rejected from a job interview is often taken personally. This is an exhaustive list of why someone may not be hired and the nuances behind hiring decisions. 
- Amir Salihefendic, Founder & CEO of Doist
#Remote #Productivity
tl;dr: Author advocates for async communication regardless of whether teams are remote, discussing benefits of such communication and how to build company culture around it. 
- Kyle Prifogle, Senior Software Engineer & Tech Entrepreneur
tl;dr: The author puts forth the idea that engineers should ask management for deadlines when asked to build a feature, and explain what can be delivered within that timeframe. Not put the first foot forward by giving an estimate. 
- Future Tense
tl;dr: Slate polled computer scientists, software developers, historians, policymakers, and journalists, which pieces of code had a huge influence. 36 selections were made including the jPEG and robots.txt. 
- Kieran Potts, Independent Software Architect & Engineer
tl;dr: The core reason is the languages "fuzzy scope" i.e. if a computer program is documented as having been written in JavaScript, more information is needed to run the program. 
- Carl Meyer, Software Engineer at Instagram
tl;dr: Scaling with Python has performance challenges. The team is experimenting with a new a new strategy using strict modules, leveraging many of the "low-level extensibility mechanisms already provided by Python."
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- Josh Waitzkin, American Chess Player, Martial Arts Competitor & Author
tl;dr: (1) structure your day to be pro-active, not reactive, by blocking out thinking time on your calendar (2) end your day asking the most important question and waking up the next day and answering that question first thing. 
- Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google
tl;dr: First successful experiment where a quantum computer solves a problem a classical computer does in a significantly shorter period of time. As Moore's Law is predicted to hit a threshold, and AI presents increasingly challenging computations, this is significant. 
- Julia Silge, Data Scientist at StackOverflow
tl;dr: Data is taken from the annual developer survey. This is the third year this calculator is released. You can read about the modeling on the link above and try the calculator out here
- Amelia Wattenberger, Senior UX Engineer at Parsley
tl;dr: Articles discusses the fundamental "mindset change when switching from React class components to function components + hooks."
- Jamie Tanna, Software Dev Engineer at Capital One
tl;dr: Movement around owning your content by owning your domain. The domain can link out to other platforms where you create content (e.g. Twitter) or create content on your domain and syndicate to other platforms. 
This Is Probably The Funniest Codepen I Found This Year!
- Simon Holdorf, Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
tl;dr: "This is rather a short post but I find this codepen by Bård N Hovde so awesome that I must share it with you:" Click above to play around.  
Notable Developer Conferences 2019
React Day Berlin 
Nov 30
Berlin, Germany
Microsoft Ignite 
Nov 4-8
Orlando, Florida, USA
Dec 5-6

Paris, France
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Riga, Latvia

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