Issue #211

21 October 2020

Issue #211
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tl;dr: All "great engineers have a sense of adventure," and complacency in a job means it may be time to change. Apoorva uses the following to evaluate complacency - accomplishment, impact, growth, challenge and community - each outlined in a framework.
tl;dr: Software should be (1) robust, handling edge cases, various user inputs (2) Reliable, working for an extended period of time "under design conditions," and outside those conditions too. (3) Stable, not changing in unexpected ways. (4) Simple enough to meet the other 3 goals, nothing more. 
#RemoteWork #Management
tl;dr: Atlassian commissioned a study on the impact of switching to remote work, on both teams and individuals. Leisa outlines 5 takeaways, including a possible "innovation drought" due to lack of spontaneous interactions, employees feeling "invisible," and more.
Anyone Can Be a Leader
- Pat Kua
tl;dr:  “Managers light a fire under people; leaders light a fire in people.” Leaders don't have a title, they can elicit certain qualities, such as courage. 
API Pagination Design
- Alexander Solovyov
tl;dr: The common way to paginate in APIs - offset or page number - tends to lead to a "suboptimal" SQL query, requiring databases to find, count and throw away rows. Alexander shows us a better way, using cursor. 

"Leadership is the capacity to translate
vision into reality."

- Warren Bennis

#Algorithm #MachineLearning
tl;dr: On a large dataset i.e. 1 billion items, Learned Sort outperforms its competitor by a factor of 1.49x, and that includes time taken to train the model. Adrian explains how it works.
tl;dr: Courses on systems, theory, data structures & algorithms, AI & ML, and more.  
tl;dr: "Chrome Dev Summit is back with its 8th chapter, but this time we’re coming to you. We’re bringing all the latest updates, just as much content, and many more Chromies."
tl;dr: "It contains exactly 900 new commits which have not already been backported to our previous versions. There are several new features and standard library additions compared to 1.2."
tl;dr: "We encourage you to participate by taking this 10-minute survey and making an invaluable contribution to the community. "

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