Issue #180

1 May 2020

Issue #180
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- Julia Evans
tl;dr: Beautifully designed zine: "here's how I approach learning hard things and getting better at programming."
#Amazon #Scale
tl;dr: Werner received a call to scale the data model that governors were using to plan their response to COVID-19. He talks through how he did so with the Amazon team. 
tl;dr: Useful insights for developers that don't specialize in databases.
- Dave Bailey
#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: If you self-identify as assertive, you may not be aware of how others perceive you. Dave outlines 3 questions you can ask to help you find out. If you are overly assertive, it may "cost you the truth."
Managing Remotely
- Julie Zhuo
tl;dr: Tips for (1) interacting with others (2) video meetings (3) your work-from-home environment (4) remaining active (5) better focus. 
Deploys At Slack
- Michael Deng & Jonathan Chang
#Slack #Devops
tl;dr: "We had to invest in greater visibility and reliability in order to accommodate the amount of work being done. This post will outline our process and a few of the major projects that got us to where we are."

"Deleted code is debugged code" 
- Jeff Sickel

tl;dr: Zoom's problems fall into three broad buckets: (1) bad privacy practices, (2) bad security practices, and (3) bad user configurations.
It's Time To Build
- Marc Andreessen
tl;dr: A battle cry that we're not building the right things. Albeit governments failure, Marc says we have failed too. The only way to recover is completely re-focus efforts on building a new world. 
tl;dr: Having a daily cost of $960 / day was too high for an early stage startup. Cityflo identified patterns in vehicle movement and travel times. Then by creating a route design for each vehicle, they were able to reduce costs. 
- Graham Christensen
tl;dr: "Leaning in to the pain by deleting and replacing your servers on a weekly or monthly basis means you are constantly testing and exercising your automation and runbooks."
tl;dr: A dive into PostgreSQL’s imperfections (1) Disastrous XID wraparound (2) Failover will probably lose data (3) Inefficient replication that spreads corruption. 
tl;dr: "A blog platform for developers, for everything coding. Not for content-marketing disguised as programming tutorials. Not for advertisement blended with sincerely interesting pieces."

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