Issue #164

6 December 2019

Issue #164
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- Kent Beck, Programmer
#Architecture #CareerAdvice
tl;dr: Latency is “the time interval between a stimulus and its response." Throughput is “the rate at which a system achieves its goal”. Kent discusses the relationship of these two in architectural decisions, and when to optimize which. 

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- Gergely Orosz, Engineering Lead at Uber
#CareerAdvice #Tips
tl;dr: A comment is usually a sign that a piece of code needs refactoring. Greg wants us to ask "could I refactor the code to remove this comment?" The answer is typically yes. He highlights three common examples of comments. 
- Liz Fong-Jones, Developer Advocate
#CareerAdvice #Management #Architecture
tl;dr: Writing less code makes software teams more effective. Custom code should deliver value and impact. Often it doesn't, and we can use ready made components instead. Liz discusses her approach to architecture through this lens. 
- Derek Sivers, Writer, Musician & Programmer
tl;dr: The world conditions us to add - more priorities, tasks, things to do. It's a mindset that benefits others but yet we still do it. Successful people subtract.  
How Stripe Invests In Technical Infrastructure (Video)
- Will Larson, Infrastructure, Management at Stripe
#Infrastructure #Video
tl;dr: Prioritization is especially challenging for infrastructure engineers. Will presents his approach as Stripe scaled, discussing when to firefight, work on new features and more. 
- Tal Joffe, Software Team Lead at eXelate
tl;dr: A hallmark of effective managers is to give short, frequent, feedback loops. Tal runs us through practical examples of how to deliver this type of feedback. 

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Questions About .Org
- Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation
tl;dr: The Internet Society announced plans to sell the organization that manages all .org domain names to a private equity firm. Mark asks if a private company can safeguard the stewardship of these domains, along with other governance questions. 
The Soul Of A New Computer Company
- Bryan Cantrill, Co-founder & CTO at Oxide Computer
tl;dr: Bryan Catrill is launching Oxide, a new computer company that comes from a deep-rooted philosophy that hardware and software should each be built with the each other in mind ground-up. 
- John Furrier, Editor-in-Chief of SiliconANGLE
#AWS #Cloud
tl;dr: Fascinating conversation with the CEO of AWS on the ongoing transformation of AWS approach in cloud computing. 
- Catalin Cimpanu, Security Reporter at ZDNet
#Security #Python #News
tl;dr: Two libraries were found stealing SSH and GPG keys. The libraries were named similar to common ones to trick developers into using them. 
Django 3.0 Released
- Carlton Gibson, Core Team Member On Django REST Framework
tl;dr: Django 3.0 is released, supporting MariaDB 10.1 and much more.
- Sacha Greif, Author of Discover Meteor 
tl;dr: Link to the annual survey, to find out "which libraries developers want to learn next, which have the best satisfaction ratings, and much more."

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