Issue #360

18 October 2022

Issue #360
Tuesday 18th October's issue is presented by Datadog

Datadog is an intuitive cloud monitoring and security platform that provides IT, DevOps, and security teams complete visibility into their cloud applications with effortless deployment, minimal maintenance, and unparalleled breadth of coverage.
YAGNI Exceptions
- Luke Plant
tl;dr: "I'm essentially a believer in You Aren't Gonna Need It — the principle that you should add features to your software — including generality and abstraction — when it becomes clear that you need them, and not before." Luke points to exceptions to the rule, discussing: (1) Applications of zero one many, (2) Versioning, (3) Logging. And more. 
Bucketing Your Time
- James Stanier
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: James advices ICs and Managers to bucket their time: (1) Map out how you’re spending your time into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly buckets. (2) Identify which of the tasks are repeated and which are one-offs. (3) Are all of your one-offs strategically important or are they busywork? (4) Is there anything that you can delegate to others or automate? (5) Is there anything that you can remove completely? 
11 Monitoring Requirements For Enterprise DevOps Teams
#DevOps #Management

tl;dr: Isaac Johnson, a Principal Software Engineer and DevOps Architect with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies, reveals the key capabilities he looks for when evaluating monitoring platforms for enterprise DevOps teams. He offers a candid look at common monitoring pain points and shows how to overcome them.
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Being An Introverted Leader
- Matheus Tait
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Lessons from Matheus: (1) Being an introvert is not a problem to be solved. (2) Capitalize on your strengths and being an introvert. (3) Recharge moments - "insert moments for a quick walk, a meditation, water, or a book. Sometimes a lunch alone with just my book works well for me." And more. 

Editor's Note

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RecSysOps: Best Practices for Operating a Large-Scale Recommender System
- Ehsan Saberian, Justin Basilico
#ML #BestPractice

tl;dr: "In this blog post, we introduce RecSysOps a set of best practices and lessons that we learned while operating large-scale recommendation systems at Netflix. These practices helped us to keep our system healthy while: (1) reducing our firefighting time, (2) focusing on innovations and (3) building trust with our stakeholders."
The Web’s Next Transition
- Kent Dodds
#ThoughtPiece #FrontEnd

tl;dr: "The web is made up of technologies that got their start over 25 years ago. HTTP, HTML, CSS, and JS were all first standardized in the mid-nineties. Since then, the web evolved into a ubiquitous application platform. As the web has evolved, so too has the architecture for the development of these applications... The most popular architecture employed by web developers today is the Single Page App (SPA), but we are transitioning to a new and improved architecture for building web applications."

Atomic Commitment: The Unscalability Protocol
- Marc Brooker
#Database #Scale

tl;dr: Marc describes the classic CS problem Atomic Commitment. "The classic solution to this classic problem is Two-phase commit, maybe the most famous of all distributed protocols. There's a lot we could say about atomic commitment, or even just about two-phase commit. In this post, I'm going to focus on just one aspect: Atomic Commitment has weird scaling behavior."

tl;dr: "PostgreSQL 15 builds on the performance improvements of recent releases with noticeable gains for managing workloads in both local and distributed deployments, including improved sorting. This release improves the developer experience with the addition of the popular MERGE command, and adds more capabilities for observing the state of the database."
Notable GitHub Repos
Use SQL to instantly query your cloud services. 

Visual analytic tool supporting Red & Blue Team operations.

Open-source API security platform. 

Notes & resources for prompt engineering. 

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