Issue #256

1 October 2021

Issue #256

Friday 1st October's issue is presented by Hex
tl;dr: Since these meetings require both convergent and divergent thinking from participants, they tend to underdeliver. Dave advises us to split them into separate meetings: (1) A weekly update meeting to review KPIs & performance (2) A bi-weekly retro to share what's going well & what's not. (3) A biweekly forum to discuss open leadership topics.  
tl;dr: Austin concludes his story with what he learnt as a product minded engineer, including: (1) Always keep your users in the loop. Do not go build in isolation. (2) Don't underestimate engineering challenges that you have an external view of. (3) Voice your concerns to your team regularly and often. They might be to solve them far more quickly or identify a future roadblock. And more.  
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: The only path around the 2.0 tar pit is incrementalism - replacing a legacy platform through small, deliberate steps.

Presented by Hex.
In Software, When An Engineer Exits The Team
- Doug Arcuri
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "There are moments during the transition where I battle an aggravated ego. But I check myself, calm down, and refocus back on this individual. I want them to succeed, and me stepping to hinder that would be incorrect. I’ll send recommendations and smile. They will become a better person because of this, and so will I."
#VisualStudio #Design
tl;dr: Bracket colorization was such a popular VS plugin that the team spent significant effort to improve its performance, reducing time taken for colorization to appear in large files from 10 seconds to less than a millisecond. This post discusses the algorithm and architectural behind the improvement. 
A Note From Hex:

Instead of stitching together local notebooks, CSVs, SQL scratchpads, and legacy BI, data teams all over the world use Hex to seamlessly go from idea to analysis to sharing, all in one place.
The Code Worked Differently When The Moon Was Full
- Scott Hanselman

tl;dr: Scott walks us through "an interesting and insidious bug," based on a time calculations. This type of bug "can often show themselves later when view through a longer lens and scope of time," and "can show up a lot later than expected."

tl;dr: "I’ll start out by talking about a “backwards” approach to learning that I think a lot of you will recognize (do projects first without fully understanding what you’re doing, fill in missing knowledge after), and then talk about I try to teach in a way that works better with that mode of learning." 
The Rise Of One-Time Password Interception Bots
#Security #IndustryNews

tl;dr: Customers would enter a target’s phone number and name. The service would initiate an automated call that alerts that person about unauthorized activity on their account. The call would prompt the target to enter an OTP token generated by their phone’s mobile app (“for authentication purposes”), and that code would  get relayed back to the bad actors.

7 Useful HTML Attributes You May Not Know
- Mariana Simon

tl;dr: (1) Multiple allows the user to enter multiple values on an <input>. (2) Accept allows you to specify the types of files the user can upload. (3) Contenteditable, a global attribute (common to all HTML elements) that makes the HTML content editable by the user or not. And more.

PostgreSQL 14 Released!
tl;dr: "This latest release adds to PostgreSQL's trend on improving high performance and distributed data workloads, with advances in connection concurrency, high-write workloads, query parallelism and logical replication."
Notable GitHub Repos
Making Docker and Kubernetes management easy.
30 Seconds Of Code
Short JavaScript code snippets for all your development needs.
High performance, self-hosted, newsletter and mailing list manager with a modern dashboard. Single binary app.
Personal CRM. Remember everything about your friends, family and business relationships.
A customizable, modern file manager.
Adds autocomplete to your terminal.
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