Issue #43.1

29 July 2015

Issue #43.1: The Two Pillars of JavaScript, and much more...

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- Written by Eric Elliott, Entrepreneur and Javascript Developer
- Written by Nikhil Garg, Engineer at Quora
- Written by Igor, Developer
- Written by Raffi Krikorian, Engineering Lead at Uber
- Written by Peter Novig, Director of Research at Google
- Written by Simon Eskildsen, Webscale Engineer at Shopify
- Written by the Amazon Engineering Team
 #MachineLearning #AWS
- Written by Marcin Grzywaczewski, Full-Stack Developer at Arkency 
- Written by Trisha Gee, Developer at JetBrains
- Written by Eric Rowell, Lead Data Visualization Engineer at Platfora
- Written by Frederik Fornwall, Developer
 #Android #Python
- Written by Alex Zhitnitsky, Java Developer at Takipi
- Written by Jamie Brown, Founder of Chichmi
- Written by Simon Holywell, Development Director at Mosaic

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