Issue #292

18 February 2022

Issue #292
Friday 18th February's issue is presented by Mux

Data is the foundation for building great video experiences. With just a few lines of code, you can get the data you need to understand user engagement on your videos and improve the Quality of Experience for your viewers.
Building For The 99% Developers
- Jean Yang
#Leadership #Management #DeveloperTools
tl;dr: "As the founder of a developer tools startup, I’ve talked with hundreds, if not thousands, of software developers in the course of routine user research." Jean presents the "truths" about building enterprise software for "99% developers," the ones working outside of "hip companies and frameworks": (1) Smaller companies attempt to the imitate tooling of FAANG companies despite different resources. (2) There is no gold standard development environment. (3) The goal is progress, not perfection, and more.
What TPMs Do And What Software Engineers Can Learn From Them
- Gergely Orosz
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "A deep dive with five Technical Program Managers (TPM) on what the role is, how it evolved, and how engineers and managers can benefit from working with TPMs." Gergely concludes that senior engineer already do lots of the things that TPMs do full-time. (2) Fast-growing tech companies rely heavily on TPMs to scale engineering efficiency. (3) The TPM role is spreading steadily across the industry.

Make MoM Proud - Build A “Spotify Wrapped” For Your Video Stats
#Guide #Management

tl;dr: Learn how to showcase your video stats by creating a dynamic animated video using Remotion and the Mux Data API.

Promoted by Mux.

Moving From CEO Back To IC: A Chat With Mitchell Hashimoto On His Love For Code (Podcast)
- Mitchell Hashimoto
#CareerAdvice #Podcast

tl;dr: "Discussion with Mitchell Hashimoto, co-founder of HashiCorp, who recently returned to the role of independent contributor after stints as both CEO and CTO. We talk about his journey learning to write software, how he came up with the idea for Terraform, and why he prefers slinging code to executive roles."

"Rarely is anyone thanked for the work they did to prevent the disaster that didn't happen."

– Mikko Hypponen

An Interactive Explanation Of How GPS Works
- Bartosz Ciechanowski

tl;dr: "We’ll start by creating a positioning system that can tell us where we are. Our initial approach will be quite simple, but we’ll step-by-step improve upon it to build an understanding of the positioning method used by GPS." 

#Productivity #Management
tl;dr: (1) Co-founder and CEO at Coda's to-do list philosophy: (1) Start every new day fresh with no weight from the previous day's list of things to do, just a new sheet of paper with a new set of priorities, don't compound from the previous day. (2) Do the hardest task first. (3) Have a column with next action so you can see which tasks are missing a next step. (4) Know whether it's on your plate or someone else's. 
A Hairy PostgreSQL Incident
- Jeremy Schneider

tl;dr: "The tech team that I met uses PostgreSQL as a data store in one part of their application architecture. They have many deployments of this application around the world. This morning, in one geography, they performed a major version upgrade of a PostgreSQL database to version 11. After the upgrade, one part of the application started experiencing problems."

State Of JavaScript 2021 Survey Results

tl;dr: "JavaScript is in a tremendously better state today compared to 2016. When the first State of JS survey took place, only 21% of you used TypeScript compared to 69% today. Whereas we used to joke about a new front end framework releasing every day, React and Vue have now been dominant for 6 years running. And the percentage of people reporting that "JS is moving too fast" is down from 59% to 38%."
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