Issue #114.1

31 March 2017

Issue #114.1

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From Engineer to Manager: Keeping Your Technical Skills
Joan Gamell, Engineering Manager at Expedia
The Dark Side of DevOps
- Written by Chris Short, DevOps at Solar Winds MSP
Modern JavaScript for Ancient Web Developers
Gina Trapani, Director of Engineering at Postlight Studio
Bash Scripting Quirks & Safety Tips
- Written by Julia Evans, Engineer at Stripe
Preload, Prefetch And Priorities in Chrome
Addy Osmani, Engineer at Google
Keeping the Whale Happy: How to Clean up After Docker
Miiro Juuso, Devops Lead

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DeepDream: Accelerating Deep Learning With Hardware
- Matt Rubashkin, Data Engineer at Silicon Valley Data Science
Python 3.6 Adds New Secrets Module for Robust Account and Password Security
- Engineering Team at Evon Technologies
Intro to Higher Order Functions in Swift 3
- Jayven, iOS Developer 
Better Exceptions
- Josh, Software Engineer at Uber
The 10 GitHub Repos New Developers Mention the Most
- Written by Ecccs, FreeCodeCamp 
ES6: Destructuring — An Elegant Way of Extracting Data From Arrays and Objects in JavaScript
Marius Herring, Developer at Nordea

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