Issue #203

1 September 2020

Issue #203
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tl;dr: "I’ve always been the kind of person that sits in the corner, puts their head down and gets stuff done... knowing how to present, talk about and market your work to the right people is a critical skill." Shubheksha also discusses other things she's learnt.
Emotional Resilience In Leadership Report 2020
- Jonny Miller & Jan Chipchase
#Wellness #Leadership
tl;dr: An extensive report on causes of burnout and its implications, this report goes into detailed as strategies for emotional resilience in section 7.
tl;dr: You should talk about what's going well, what's not going well, team priorities, and 3 other things sketched out for you in this post.
#TikTok #Algorithm
tl;dr: "A machine learning algorithm significantly responsive and accurate can pierce the veil of cultural ignorance." With half of TikTok's engineers focussed on its matching algorithm, Eugene discusses how the algorithm made the app.
tl;dr: Jeff took over as the product and engineering lead of MS Teams a week before the pandemic. He talks about what he's learnt - prioritize planning and alignment, break down silos, fostering collaboration, and more.
“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.”

- Bill Gates

tl;dr: "Considering that short functions tend to lead to longer debug times and that very short functions tend to have higher defect densities (both in historical and modern datasets) the case for using very short functions becomes weak."
#Slack #Analytics
tl;dr: Suman describes the architecture of Slack's tracing system, which produces ~330M traces and ~8.5B spans per day.
tl;dr: "The global shift in internet traffic, plus the realities of the laws of physics, will start to challenge how we build APIs." Tomer ponders on what the future holds for API architecture.
The Internet Explained From First Principles
- Kaspar Etter
tl;dr: The purpose of this is "to introduce the internet to a non-technical audience. In order to get everyone on board, I first explain basic concepts, such as communication protocols, network topologies, and signal routing."
tl;dr: Rob discusses increasingly diverse use cases of Go within Google - in Core Data Solutions, Chrome and Firebase.

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