Issue #57.1

11 November 2015

Issue #57.1: "Facebook M - The Anti-Turing Test", and much more...

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- Written by Aric Sosman, Software Engineer at BitGo
- Written by Ian Bogost, Professor at Georgia Tech
- Written by Jeff Dean, Google Senior Fellow at Google
- Written by The Go Engineering Team
- Written by Eevee, Engineer
- Written by Julie Ann Horvath, Designer Who Codes at Clef
- Written by Tina Amirtha, Science and Technology at ZDNet 
- Written by Chris Euland, President at MaxCDN
- Written by Amar Nagaram, Mobile at Flipkart 
- Written by Henri DF, Software Infrastructure Engineer
- Written by Eric Raymond, Software Developer
- Written by Benny Wong, CTO of TimeHop
Selected by Brian Donohue, CEO of Instapaper

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