Issue #258

8 October 2021

Issue #258

Friday 8th October's issue is presented by Retool
The Case For Slacking Off At Work
- Jacob Singh
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Managers fear under utilizing resources so they orchestrate processes to put all engineers to work, simultaneously. In practice, this creates issues as projects invariably don't go to plan and resources cannot be reallocated easily. Jacob recommends a slacklog - "a backlog of things which can happen, but don't need to happen." These are ideas generated by the eng team, easily transferable between members, which can be added to the process to create resource flexibility.

Don't Assume Consensus In The Absence of Objection
- Candost Dagdeviren
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: We've all been in meetings discussing a challenge with one vocal engineer, who is opinionated and likes to share ideas. It's wrong to assume that, because no one objects, consensus has been reached or that one engineer's decisions are correct. "In some cultures, people won't speak up unless someone passes them the ball and mentions their names explicitly." 
State Of Internal Tools 2021
- Kevin Garcia
#Leadership #Management #InternalTools

tl;dr: Developers spend ~40% of their time on software to help their business run. We surveyed 650 developers to find out why. Our report covers 1) which companies spend the most time, 2) what developers are building, and 3) how they are measuring success.

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tl;dr: Lara illustrates a concept of a Manager Voltron: "a crew of people who support you as you grow, each bring a facet of what an imaginary ideal manager for you would be." And even if you can’t imagine how you could help them today, it's guaranteed you will in the future.
A World Ordered Only By Search
- Michael Sacasas

tl;dr: An essay of how the ordering of the world interacts with our experience of the self: "a discussion of models and metaphors for ordering knowledge, memory, the ubiquity of search, the habits and assumptions of medieval reading, and how information loses its body."

A Note From Retool
Retool is the fastest way for developers to build internal tools. Allbirds uses Retool to measure billboard efficacy. Amazon uses Retool to handle GDPR requests. Thousands of startups build customizable admin panels, dashboards and CRUD apps in Retool.

tl;dr: Cloudflare's post-morten on FB's outage. "Their DNS names stopped resolving, and their infrastructure IPs were unreachable. It was as if someone had "pulled the cables" from their data centers all at once and disconnected them from the Internet."
tl;dr: The inflection point was when the Postgres VACUUM process began to stall consistently, preventing the database from reclaiming disk space. Garrett discusses 3 key decisions the team made and lessons learned: (1) shard earlier. (2) Aim for a zero-downtime migration. (3) Introduce a combined primary key instead of a separate partition key.
Faster Python With Guido Van Rossum

tl;dr: A podcast episode discussing "Guido’s new work on making CPython faster (PEP 659), Tiers of Python Interpreter Execution, and high impact, low hanging fruit performance improvements."

tl;dr: A picture of a company caught moving in two directions: "a group that correctly understood how the cloud would play an enormous role in enterprise computing, matched up against a sales-driven culture that prioritized the custom needs of its large customers over the work required to catch up with AWS."
Red Hot: The 2021 Machine Learning, AI and Data (MAD) Landscape
- Matt Turck
#IndustryTrend #AI #ML
tl;dr: Matt covers the macro view: making sense of the ecosystem’s complexity, financings, IPOs and M&A, a landscape of the ecosystem, key trends and more.
Notable GitHub Repos
A container runtime in Rust

Uptime Kuma
A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool

A desktop debugging platform for mobile developers.

Remote-friendly Companies
A list of semi to fully remote-friendly companies (jobs) in tech.

The System Design Primer
Learn how to design large-scale systems.

First Contributions
Help beginners to contribute to open source project
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