Issue #173

13 February 2020

Issue #173
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- Alex Pareto
tl;dr: There isn't much documentation on the technical challenges that occur due to rapid growth. Alex has done this several times and distilled what he's learnt here.
- Mathias Meyer
tl;dr: Mathias' strategy outlines (1) the engineering team’s mission & how it relates to the business (2) seven objectives that steer larger technical decisions & (3) the process improvements to help the engineering team support the business better.
- Mathias Verraes
#TechnicalDebt #Management #ManagementProcess
tl;dr: "The Wall of Technical Debt is a surface in your office where you visualize your tech debt on sticky notes. It has a profound impact on how we choose to add, reduce, pay back, or ignore debt."
#Consulting #Salary
tl;dr: Michael left Google two years ago and has lost money both years, intentionally. He discusses how he's designing his life so he can focus on optimizing for side projects that can become businesses. 
#Hiring #IndustryTrend #Salary
tl;dr: Demand for AR/VR and gaming engineering roles are growing fastest, insight into salaries based on location and other trends
- Jan Schaumann
tl;dr: A laundry list of 88 devops observations by Jan. 

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The Zen Of Go
- Dave Cheney
tl;dr: 10 values to write simple, maintainable code in Go, starting with each package fulfilling a single purpose and handling errors explicitly. 
- Eric Lawrence
tl;dr: Eric has been building browsers for 16 years and is often asked  "Where do I learn about browsers?" The aim of this post is to answer that very question.
- Luid Villa
#OpenSource #IndustryTrend
tl;dr: Luis outlines key trends in OS including (1) growth in China (2) shifts within the main OS organizations (3) push for ethical licenses and more. 
- Farhan Thawar
#Mobile #React
tl;dr: The team at Shopify delve into the reasons they are switching to React Native for mobile. 
tl;dr: Get Your Life In Order (GYLIO) practices bundle tasks into a single morning, day or week to clear your mind. 
- Guido Van Rossum
#CPython #Guide
tl;dr: A short guide on how to contribute to CPython including docs on how to start.

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