Issue #192

14 July 2020

Issue #192
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#Mentorship #Management
tl;dr: Samantha experienced the "Matthew Effect" - once recognized for your work, all of future work is more likely to be recognized. She created GAINS to "empower junior and mid-level ICs" to experience the same effect, outlined here.
#Productivity #AWS
tl;dr: The author dispels the myth that "employees simply don’t have the time to take on more work" citing organizational issues of ownership, opacity of issues, lack of emotional engagement. Phil runs through Muda, a "catch-all term for non-value-added activities."
tl;dr: I was happy as a software engineer. Not a care in the world. Then I was hit by a freight train... I got promoted to dev team lead. Here's 8 things I wish I knew back then.

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tl;dr: The author - a female CTO in tech since the 90's - discusses "healthy self-doubt" as an important tool for growth. Admitting to "plenty of gaps" in knowledge, healthy self-doubt pushes her to "ask the right questions, figure out the solutions to problems."
tl;dr: "This post will go through many of the career paths available to software developers," along with how to get your foot in the door for each.

Avoid another stand-up that could have been a Slack. LinearB is delivering an automated, data-driven stand-up dashboard for dev teams. Easily see who needs help and focus on how to ship your iteration on time.
tl;dr: "In their place coders will be expected to use alternatives such as “primary” and “secondary” relationships, or refer to “leaders” and “followers”, or even “directors” and “performers”."
tl;dr: The team is looking for feedback on a new proposal for handling DateTime in JS.
Linux Kernel In-tree Rust Support
- Nick Desaulniers
#Linux #Rust
tl;dr: Email thread on incorporating Rust into the Linux Kernel.
tl;dr: Usernames are hard. "Slack and Discord show us the main problem — plain text editing forces us to conflate our model of identity with our model for labels."
tl;dr: "With a few minutes of work, you can make your GitHub Profile Look Cool!"
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