Issue #201

25 August 2020

Issue #201
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#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: Lloyd Tabb, CTO at Looker, categorizes engineers based on superhero personas - Aquaman, The Flash, The Priest and The Spielberg - each are explained in this post.
#Management #Productivity
tl;dr: At the planning stage, "drive precision through early organizational alignment, and prioritization of user cohorts." During execution "dive speed through focus, iteration, unblocking and de-risking your projects" and "quality through early and rigorous testing."
Do More By Doing Less
- Zain Rizvi
tl;dr: When Zain was contemplating his previous side projects, he realized "the dead projects had something surprising in common: I abandoned them about two weeks after starting." Motivation ran out. Now, he ensures future projects are scoped to be completed within 2 weeks.
tl;dr: Kate outlines the process "for teams with cross functional dependencies" - the meetings that should be in place, their format, goal, attendees and the content to be covered in each.
tl;dr: "I just don’t read social situations well, period, just the same as I’m red-green colorblind. But unlike colorblindness, I can practice compassion and get better at it."
A Note from the Editor:

If you are experienced in Computer Vision Software & feel comfortable talking about the state of the technology, I would love to chat with you for 20 mins to learn for a project I'm working on. 

Just reply to this email. 

#Rust #IndustryNews
tl;dr: As a result of the re-org and layoffs at Mozilla "the Rust Core Team and Mozilla are happy to announce plans to create a Rust foundation," planned to be up and running by the end of the year."
tl;dr: "A simple approach for fault injection in systems utilizing Amazon EC2 and ECS, and its integration with a load-testing suite to validate the countermeasures put in place to prevent dependency and resource exhaustion failures."
tl;dr: The Go 1.15 release notes mention an intriguing improvement in the runtime section: "converting a small integer value into an interface value no longer causes allocation," discussed here.
#React #Productivity
tl;dr: Despite championing React, Alexander started to feel that it led to "some questionable practices" e.g. "hovers in JS (rather than in CSS) among others. As a result, he developed TwinSpark, a framework for declarative HTML enhancement.
Announcing TypeScript 4.0
- Daniel Rosenwasser
tl;dr: "This version of the language represents our next generation of TypeScript releases, as we dive deeper into expressivity, productivity, and scalability."

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