Issue #337

26 July 2022

Issue #337
Tuesday 26th July issue is presented by Knock

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Different Strokes For Different Folks
- Paulo André
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "It may not be obvious, but it’s one of the most common issues in product & engineering teams: different people are solving different problems, whether they realize it or not. And that is the root of much anxiety, frustration, and disappointment." Paulo advises us on how to reconcile such a situation. 
#Leadership #Management #RemoteWork
tl;dr: "All change has good and bad downstream effects. The broad-based adoption of remote work is allowing people to balance work and home life in ways that are extremely beneficial to them. But team morale and the broader cultural needs of companies have suffered and we need to recognize that... A hybrid model that provides continued flexibility while creating a lot more face time is the long-term answer."
How We Onboard Engineers At A Devtools Startup
- Chris Bell
#Management #Security

tl;dr: "To build a truly great developer tool you need to go beyond the default empathy that new engineers have for developers at large. You need to use the tool itself, exactly as a customer would." Chris shares Knock's onboarding principles, process, onboarding project and more. 

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Looking Back At Two Years At Automattic And Tumblr
- Vicki Boykis

tl;dr: "For the past two years, I’ve been building and breaking recommender systems at Wordpress and Tumblr. I’m starting a new adventure soon, but this scope of work has been the most meaningful and fun of my career so far, and I wanted to reflect on a few things I’m taking away." Vicki discusses her takeaways about ML, people, culture, communication, and the joys of engineering. 

“Inside every large program is a small program struggling to get out.”

― Tony Hoare

Supercharging A/B Testing At Uber
#Tests #Uber #Scale

tl;dr: "While the statistical underpinnings of A/B testing are a century old, building a correct and reliable A/B testing platform and culture at a large scale is still a massive challenge... Uber went through a similar journey and this blog post describes why and how we rebuilt the A/B testing platform we had at Uber."

In Praise Of Stacked PRs
- Ben Congdon
#Git #Management

tl;dr: "The practice of breaking up a large change into smaller, individually reviewable PRs which can depend on each other, forming a DAG." Ben discusses advantages, including that stacked PRs are easier & quicker to review, since there are fewer changes to sign-off on, and easier to rollback if they cause breakage.

#Compression #Tar
tl;dr: "The time estimate went from a bit over an hour, to multiple hours, to over a day, to almost a week. After giving it some time, and after failing to find anything helpful through Google, I decided that learning the tar file format and making my own tar extractor would probably be faster than waiting for tar. And I was right; before the day was over, I had a working tar extractor, and I had successfully extracted my 1.1TiB tarball."
Ergonomic Tips From A Full-Time Programmer
- Matyáš Racek

tl;dr: (1) Get a standing desk. (2) Get a good keyboard. (3) Setup shortcuts or learn Vim the author shows us his AutoHotkey setting. (4) Ergonomic chairs don't really work. (5) Big monitor and big text. And more. 

Notable GitHub Repos
By ex-googlers, for ex-googlers. A lookup table of similar tech & services.

Simulating shitty network connections so you can build better systems.

A cli tool to proxy and analyze TCP connections.

Code Server
Run VS Code on any machine and access it in the browser.

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