Issue #146

27 June 2019

Issue #146
tl;dr: The "magic of a gelled team is that they know how to work together". The responsibility of a team's manager is to understand the inter-relationships that create that magic. 

Lessons from Keith Rabois Essay 3: How To Be An Effective Executive
- Delian Asparouhov
tl;dr: The summary section is a 2 min excellent read on how you should manage yourself and your team. Recurring theme of leadership as opposed to managing situations. 

Claude Shannon: How A Genius Solves Problems (2018)
Zat Rana

tl;dr: Solving problems comes with the right thinking pattern. Often, we use a logical thought process. Shannon's approach changes the reference point of problems asking "what a bad solution looks like". All answers hold a truth and reference points break up unhelpful mental loops. 

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6 Things to Expect When You’re The Only Woman On A Team Of Developers
- Amber Wilkie

tl;dr: Among the six, you will learn to speak up in a room full of men and leverage emotional intelligence in managing situations. 

The Weird History Of JavaScript (Video)
- Fireship

tl;dr: 12 mins video of how JS started with the rise of the Netscape browser, how it got its name, why it grew so widely and quickly and much more. Fun viewing. 
tl;dr: 20 lessons learned by the founder of Dan, who stepped down from his role a co-founder, especially if you are building a bootstrapped business, which Dribble is. 

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Find A Job With Vettery

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tl;dr: Some of the processes that you are recommended to implement generally neglected by "solo" workers such as documentation, creating a workflow, making sure you monitor what's been built. 

Raspberry Pi 4 Is Here!
- Ben Nuttall
tl;dr:  Featuring a new 1.5GHz Arm chip and VideoCore GPU with some brand new additions: dual-HDMI 4K display output; USB3 ports; Gigabit Ethernet; and multiple RAM options up to 4GB. Standard $35. 


20 Questions To Ask A Recruiter When Looking For A New Tech Job
- Andrew Stetsenko

tl;dr:  First 3 questions are (1) What languages/frameworks/libraries are used on the project? (2) What is the project’s architecture? (3) How soon is the code from a repository deployed to production?

The Origin Story Of Data Science
- Pierre Mary

tl;dr: How Data Science grew as a discipline, along with the contributions of 4 individuals who helped create and shape it. 

Bringing Service Workers To Google Search
Jeff Posnick

tl;dr: Google Search Results, under certain circumstances, are served by a piece of technology called a service worker. This article runs through their implementation, how performance was measured and tradeoffs. Interesting insight into operations at Google. 

Proving Security At Scale With Automated Reasoning
Werner Vogels

tl;dr: Fascinating run-through of how AWS thinks about security at scale, starting with the Shared Responsibility Model where AWS is responsible for security of the cloud and customers are responsible for security in the cloud. 
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Strange Loop 
Sept 12-14
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DjangoCon US 
Sept 22-27
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Oracle CodeOne 
Sept 16–19
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Nov 30
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