Issue #100.1

12 October 2016

Issue #100.1

This is issue #100.1! 

A quick thank you for reading, contributing to, and sharing Pointer! The mission has always been to deliver content that is genuinely thoughtful, insightful, well-written and current.
It started off as an experiment and with 100 issues under our belt, a growing audience, and dozens of article submissions each week, it feels like we're building something meaningful.

Any thoughts on how else we can improve Pointer are more than welcome, feel free to contact me on

Keep reading, writing and, most importantly, coding.
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Reflections of an Old Programmer
- Written by Ben Northrop, CMO at Modica Group
Developer Hiring and the Market for Lemons
- Written by Dan Luu, BitFunnel at Microsoft
Javascript Fatigue Fatigue
- Written by Quincy Larson, Teacher at FreeCodeCamp
Android Development Best Practices
- Written by Amit Shekhar, Android Lead at BobbleApp
A Javascript Journey with Only Six Characters
- Written by Jasper Cashmore, Web Developer at Quba
Introducing HTTP Tracing
- Written by Jaana Burcu Dogan, Programmer at Google, Contributor to Golang

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A Guide to JS Promises
- Written by Dominik Kundel, Developer Angelist at Twilio 
Introducing Yarn: A New Package Manager for Javascript
- Written by Sebastian McKenzie, Software Engineer at Facebook
Can We Stop Bad-mouthing CSS in Developer Talks, Please?
- Written by Christian Heilmann, Senior Program Manager Developer Experience and Evangelism at Microsoft
Running Asynchronous Background Tasks on Linux with Python 3 Flask and Celery
- Written by Leo G, Devops Engineer
How to Save the Princess in 8 Programming Languages
- Written by Mart Virkus, Content Marketing at Toggl
Fall Cleaning: Optimizing V8 Memory Consumption
- Written by Michael Hablich, Engineer Working on V8/Chrome

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