Issue #228

5 May 2021

Issue #228
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#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: People are "exhausted and depressed" from the pandemic, police violence, hate crimes. Burn out amongst employees is frequent. Lara outlines how adjusting your upcoming roadmap and leave policies can help. 

Forget Multi-Tasking. It's Context-Switching That Matters
- Saverio Morpurgo

#Productivity #Management

tl;dr: How do you juggle multiple projects simultaneously and (almost) never miss something? Usually that’s defined as multitasking, but it’s actually context-switching that’s the key. And they’re very different things.

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tl;dr: "SQL as an API is in many ways a relic from another era, and while it’s held up remarkably well, it also feels like it shows its age... it feels like SQL engines barely even try to offer predictability performance or to build reliable guard rails against accidentally taking the entire site down."
Those Pesky Pull Request Reviews
- Jessica Kerr
#CareerAdvice #Management
tl;dr: "We know that code review improves outcomes – compared to coding alone without any review. Don’t do that. Do code together - with constant, live review and growing understanding between the team members and the code, between the team members and each other."
The Beauty Of Programming (2001)
-  Linus Torvalds 
tl;dr: "It’s still hard to explain what can be so fascinating about beating your head against the wall for three days, not knowing how to solve something the better way, the beautiful way. But once you find that way, it’s the greatest feeling in the world."
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tl;dr: Choosing meaningful names is hard. This suggests a model with 3 steps (1) selecting the concepts to include in the name, (2) choosing the words to represent each concept, and (3) constructing a name using these words. Using the model encourages the use of more concepts and longer names.

tl;dr: Asynch working allows you to prioritize work more easily and comes with less costs, especially to those making vs managing. James cites the use of Loom videos here to communicate with others. 
Announcing the Deno Company
- Ryan Dahl, Bert Belder
tl;dr: "As the browser platform moves forward at a rapid pace, server-side JavaScript has stagnated... Deno is our attempt to breathe new life into this ecosystem. To provide a modern, productive programming system that adheres to browser APIs."
tl;dr: AI investment in drug design and discovery increased significantly, more people are working in industrial roles, systems can compose text, audio, and images to a high standard that humans have a hard time telling the difference between "synthetic and non-synthetic outputs," and more. 
Go Modules Cheat Sheet
- Michael Gervais
tl;dr: Quick start, Anatomy of go.mod, minimal version selection (MVS) and more.

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