Issue #96.1

7 September 2016

Issue #96.1: "So You Want to Be a Functional Programmer", and much more...

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So You Want to Be a Functional Programmer (Part 1)
- Written by Charles Scalfani, CTO at Panoramic Software
Caching Best Practices & Max-Age Gotchas
- Written by Jake Archibald, Developer Advocate for Google Chrome
Helping Users Easily Access Content on Mobile
- Written by by Na'ama Zohary, Search Console Team, and Elliott Ng, Product Management Director, Search 
Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names (2010)
- Written by Patrick McKenzie, CEO at Starfighter
How to Steal Any Developer's Local Database
- Written by Bouke vdBijl, Software Shaman at Spotify

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Beginning Game Development with Python
- Written by Alex Ogier, Software Engineer at Google
Links vs Buttons in Modern Web Applications
- Written by Marcy Sutton, Senior Front-End Engineer at Deque Systems, Inc
TensorFlow in a Nutshell - Part One: Basics
- Written by Camron Godbout, NLP and Deep Learning Enthusiast

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