Issue #178

27 March 2020

Issue #178
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tl;dr: Working document created by London based VC LocalGlobe on remote work best practices during this crisis. 
tl;dr: Despite Ed's unease with the war parallel, that's the pulse of the situation. It's critical for managers to get the "support they need, invest in self-care, and make the time to think." Trust between managers and reports will be a defining factor.
tl;dr: Given that programming languages cognates, it's a starting to point to see which "dead-ish" languages influenced others. 
tl;dr: Some companies are still hiring. Given the circumstances, I wouldn't be surprised if many of the roles become remote. 
tl;dr: Placing assets in memory, there's a trade-off between "memory usage, tail hit latency and SSD lifetimes."
tl;dr: "If you are a web or API developer, programming code that uses an SQL database, this is for you. I’ve found a very different and useful way to structure code."

I'm researching the value of social connection and isolation, and looking to talk to anyone who wants to for 15-20 mins over the phone. I'll give a small voucher in exchange.

If you're interested, please reply to this email. Stay safe (and indoors). 

- Suraj
- Marc Brooker
tl;dr: Marc enjoys Rust and hopes it'll grow. "The long-term success of Rust as a systems language is going to depend on how well the community and tools handle unsafe. A lot of the value of Rust lies in its safety, and it's still too easy to break that safety without knowing it."
tl;dr: Two part series on what made quantum computing necessary, why it became important and where it can go. 
- Taylor Blau 
tl;dr: "With features and bug fixes from over 64 contributors, 12 of them new. Here’s our look at some of the most exciting features and changes introduced."
- Guy Nesher
tl;dr: "Google announced its decision to drop support for the User-Agent string in its Chrome browser. Instead, Chrome will offer a new API called Client Hints that will give the user greater control over which information is shared with websites."
- Ryan Prior
tl;dr: "While I'm dissatisfied with Svelte's approach which mimics and munges standard web technologies, it seems likely to inspire the community to create innovative APIs..."
tl;dr: PyCon will deliver several components remotely throughout April.

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