Issue #198

7 August 2020

Issue #198
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#InterviewAdvice #Management
tl;dr How to get prepared, choosing the right practice problems, knowing the right things and a recommended study plan.
#Metrics #Management
tl;dr: At Calm's monthly all-hands, Will was motivated to "boil each project down to a single well-formed metric that told the story: a target, a baseline, a trend and a timeframe."
tl;dr: The first three - (1) If you can’t find the bug, you’re looking in the wrong place. Obvious, but not practiced. (2) Go back to where it last worked. (3) Contain the bug.
tl;dr: "Frances “Fran” Allen, a pioneer in the world of computing, the first female IBM Fellow and the first woman to win the Turing Award, died on August 4, 2020, the day of her 88th birthday."
#MentalHealth #CareerAdvice
tl;dr: Brandon is a senior engineer at Square, and is autistic with Asperger's Syndrome. This post guides us through the work problems he's faced - due to his condition - and the solutions.

"You've got to be very insightful about your brand, who you are, and what you mean to people. You've got to be able to inspire the whole organization behind that vision, so that every touch point the consumer experiences with the brand is reflective of that same brand promise."

- Frances Allen

Some CSS Comics
- Julia Evans
tl;dr: "I’ve been writing some comics about CSS this past week, and I thought as an experiment I’d post them to my blog instead of only putting them on Twitter."
#Management #DevelopmentProcess
tl;dr: Characteristics of an elite team and 7 "secrets" from building such a team, including (1) learning how to get developers to do what was right without formal authority (2) The smarter the person, the more “why” matters
tl;dr: A 1994 video - "most people don't get those experiences because they don't ask... you've got to be willing to act. You've got to be willing to crash and burn."
tl;dr: Rails is the wrong choice if your team doesn’t want to use it or doesn’t know how, a different framework is better, a specific library you need isn’t Rails-friendly. Noah cites several other reasons, explaining each.
Simdjson : Parsing Gigabytes Of JSON Per Second
tl;dr: "JSON is everywhere on the Internet. Servers spend a *lot* of time parsing it. We need a fresh approach. The simdjson library uses commonly available SIMD instructions and microparallel algorithms to parse JSON 2.5x faster than anything else out there."

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