Issue #155

4 October 2019

Weekly Reading For Technical Leaders
Essential Meetings To Have With Your People As A Manager
- Ajahne Santa Anna, VP, Technology & Engineering at TrueChoice Solutions

tl;dr: In-depth guide on how to hold the following meetings - one-on-ones, skip level, career conversations, goal reviews & performance reviews. ๐Ÿค
- Jamison Dance, Principle Software Engineer at Walmart Labs
#Management #SoftSkills
tl;dr: After screwing up, you (1) admit you screwed up (2) discuss what was learned (3) discuss how you will fix it. 
Performance Metrics For Blazingly Fast Web Apps
- Conrad Irwin, Founder & CTO at SuperHuman
#ProductManagement #Metrics
tl;dr: Conrad discusses Superhuman's approach to performance metrics (1) Use event.timeStamp for start of events (2) end of events, use use in a requestAnimationFrame() 3) ignore when the tab is not focused 4) aggregate data using โ€œ% of events that are under targetโ€ 5) visualize multiple thresholds. ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Click on the link in this tweet to bypass the paywall. 
- Little Blah
#Management #UsefulTools
tl;dr: Checklist of all aspects of being a senior engineer, collapsable by effort, category and impact. 
- Chris Baraniuk, Freelance Science & Technology Journalist
tl;dr: 'Video game archeologists' unearthed a maze-navigating game for the Atari 2600 called Entombed. Such games require incredible skill to program as old systems were very limited. The game generates random mazes on the fly, and no one can figure out how this is being done. 
- Loftie Ellis
#ChromeDevTools #Frontend
tl;dr: 10 useful things the author wished knew about Chrome Dev Tools. 
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- Jamison Dance, Principle Software Engineer at Walmart Labs
#BookRecommendations #Management
tl;dr: Organized into books Jamison loved and highly recommended books he didn't. 
- Surma, Web Advocate at Google
#LoadTime #Performance
tl;dr: Always measure before optimizing performance. Effective optimization methods are (1) deliver as many assets over one connection (2) preload assets for the first render / interactivity (3) prerender app to improve perceived loading performance (4) aggressive code splitting to reduce the amount of code needed for interactivity.
- Jason Grigsby, Co-Founder of Cloud Four & Mobile Portland
#Angular #Bugs #Frontend
tl;dr: Autofilling a credit card resulted in a declined payment so, with detective work ๐Ÿ•ต๏ธ, the author discovered the issue was a combination of Angular's ui-mask & not declaring maximum input length. The takeaways are 1) use HTML5 input features 2) Support autofill 3) Make autofill part of your test plans. 
- Bird Eats Bugs
#BugReporting #QA
tl;dr: Boilerplate on how non-technical members of your team should report bugs to engineers. 
- Julia Evans
tl;dr: Having written thousands of queries, Julia realized she didn't know the exact order a query ran. She notes the order and runs through how DB engines optimize queries. 
- Derek Featherstone, Accessibility & Inclusive Design Leader, & Chief Experience Officer at Level Access
tl;dr: Difference between accessibility and inclusive design. To design for inclusivity you must engage with those who have disabilities. 
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