Issue #257

5 October 2021

Issue #257

Tuesday 5th October's issue is presented by Vanta
#Management #Hiring
tl;dr: "If you want to hire well, have modest baseline of minimum qualifications and think of your engineering organization as a network." Marianne illustrates why this is critical: people do not work out in their new roles "because their strengths do not align with the incentives the network creates."
No Surprises: A Framework For Software Quality
- AbdulFattah Popoola
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Abdul outlines a "Maslow Hierarchy for software quality" to help you prioritize and calculate tradeoffs. The hierarchy comprises of security, usability, reliability, performance and integrity, and is explained in detail.

Security Reviews for Startups
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: This guide will 1) demystify security reviews 2) give you tips on how to navigate lengthy questionnaires and 3) introduce third-party audits (SOC 2, HIPAA, & ISO 27001)

Promoted by Vanta.

Demos Over Deadlines
- Eric Elliott
tl;dr: Eric tries hard to balance shipping quickly with avoiding putting too much time pressure on his team. He does the latter by valuing demos of new features, which turns stress into something more fun. He discusses the pitfalls of deadlines and believes the following are key - demos over deadlines, controlling scope. and setting priorities.
#MentalHealth #Management
tl;dr: (1) 82% indicated that they've experienced burnout in last 6-8 months. (2) 73% said burnout is negatively impacting productivity or personal life. (3) Increased workload and poor work culture are the main reasons. (4) 77% indicated that management is not aware or not taking steps to help. (5) 78% of the developers said they are planning to switch job within 12 months.
A Note From Vanta
Vanta is the easy way to get SOC 2, HIPAA, or ISO 27001 compliant. 1000+ companies trust Vanta to automate their security monitoring, and get ready for security audits in weeks instead of months. 

Things Unlearned
- Jamie Brandon
tl;dr: Things Jamie used to believe that he's changed his mind about: (1) There is actually a simple solution to a problem, and "everyone is doing it wrong." (2) Programming should be easy. (3) You should always search for the new thing. (4) Learning X will make you a better programmer. (5) Intelligence trumps expertise.
Product Teams Own Capabilities, Not (Only) Code
- Jessica Kerr

tl;dr: "As a software engineer, what is your job? and what is your value?" Jessica makes the point that delivering capabilities is critical to the health of software teams, not just delivering features or code. 

#IndustryNews #ML
tl;dr: "Denigma explains code in conversational English. Powered by machine learning."
Self-Parking Car In 500 Lines Of Code
- Oleskii Trekhleb 

tl;dr: "Step-by-step we're going to break down a high-level task of creating the self-parking car to the straightforward low-level optimization problem of finding the optimal combination of 180 bits (finding the optimal car genome)."

How Much Faster Is Java 17?
- Geoffrey De Smet
tl;dr: "Java 17 is 8.66% faster than Java 11 and 2.41% faster than Java 16 for G1GC (default)."
Notable GitHub Repos
HashLips Art Engine is a tool used to create multiple different instances of artworks based on provided layers.

TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously, scanning entire Internet in under 5 minutes.

A Machine Learning Library for Time Series

Collaborative cheatsheets for console commands

Build completely custom admin panels and internal tools. Use 30+ react components to build pages without HTML/CSS.

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