Issue #260

15 October 2021

Issue #260

Friday 15th October's issue is presented by Retool
How To Safely Think In Systems
- Will Larson

tl;dr: Will believes the most valuable leadership skill is "how to think correctly," inspired by the book Thinking In Systems. Despite many considering themselves as system thinkers, they "model casually." Will provides 3 rules for thinking in systems safely: (1) When your model and reality conflict, reality is always right. (2) Models are immutable, but reality isn’t, it's always changing. (3) Every model omits information; some omit critical information.

Always Do Extra
- Ben Northrop
tl;dr: Completing a project with some time left, you can do "more, extra or nothing," and "reasonably happy developers distinguish themselves by choosing extra" - providing a small, additional, tangential contribution to the project. If you're building a web form, research input security concerns. This provides a sense of "free will" and adds to your knowledge base.
State Of Internal Tools 2021
- Kevin Garcia
#Leadership #Management #InternalTools

tl;dr: Developers spend ~40% of their time on software to help their business run. We surveyed 650 developers to find out why. Our report covers 1) which companies spend the most time, 2) what developers are building, and 3) how they are measuring success.

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My Team Is Going In Circles, Help!
- Lara Hogan
#Leadership #Management 

tl;dr: Assuming that outcomes are documented, clear, measurable and visible to all, lead the team through an exercise to generate a responsibilities document together. Lara illustrates this here. You're listing roles in the team and their responsibilities. If the team continues to feel stuck, coaching them using "truly curious open questions," while drafting a list of what folks need. 

tl;dr: "SQL Server identity columns are easy to add to a table, but you must understand how they work to use them effectively. In this article, Greg Larsen explains the nuances of SQL Server identity columns."
A Note From Retool:
Retool is the fastest way for developers to build internal tools. Allbirds uses Retool to measure billboard efficacy. Amazon uses Retool to handle GDPR requests. Thousands of startups build customizable admin panels, dashboards and CRUD apps in Retool.
tl;dr: "Twitter has a kernel team!?" Everyone is surprised to learn this but, as Dan explains: "a company Twitter's size is going to regularly run into kernel issues... without a kernel team or the equivalent, the company will muddle through the issues, running into unnecessary problems as well as taking an unnecessarily long time to mitigate incidents."
State of AI Report 2021
- Nathan Benaich, Ian Hogarth
tl;dr: "A compilation of the most interesting things we’ve seen with a goal of triggering an informed conversation about the state of AI and its implication for the future."
Announcing Parcel V2!
tl;dr: Parcel’s philosophy is to enable web development best practices out of the box with zero configuration, but allow you to override and extend every aspect to fit your needs.
3 TypeScript Tricks I Wish I Knew When I Learned TypeScript
- Tim Raderschad

tl;dr: (1) Readonly function. (2) Any vs unknown. (3) Typing objects with records.
Psycopg 3.0 Released
- Daniele Varrazzo
tl;dr: Leverages more modern PostgreSQL and Python features, such as asynchronous support, server-side parameters binding, prepared statements, and more.
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