Issue #252

14 September 2021

Issue #252

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An Incomplete List Of Skills Senior Engineers Need, Beyond Coding
- Camille Fournier
#Leadership #Management #CareerAdvice
tl;dr: 23 skills include: (1) How to write a design doc, take feedback, and drive it to resolution in a reasonable period of time. (2) How to mentor an early-career teammate, a mid-career engineer, a new manager who needs advice. (3) How to listen to other engineers’ ideas without feeling threatened, and more. 
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: Developer Experience is the sum of how developers interface with their tools. Tools fall into 2 categories: (1) Abstraction tools make re-usable models e.g. APIs. (2) Complexity-exploring. Tech stacks are messy and becoming messier, and present an opportunity for "observability" tools beyond logging and tracing. Jean provides characteristics of a good tool, and advice for buyers and users.
What Makes A Good Changelog
- Zeno Rocha, Herbert Lui
tl;dr: Changelogs are a must for developer tooling. We explore 5 important aspects of a good changelog, from images to formatting, and how to customize your changelog to communicate effectively to your users.

Presented by WorkOS
Weird Languages
- Paul Graham
tl;dr: Popular languages are equally good at "gluing together calls to library functions." To expand your concept of programming, find a "weird" language. They are weird for a reason e.g. Lisp macros, and ask "what can you say in this language that would be inconvenient to say in a popular language?" You'll probably be "learning how to think things you couldn't previously think."
What Is This “Product” You Speak Of?
- Jessica Kerr

tl;dr: Software doesn't fall into either traditional economic bucket of product or service. In economics 101, a product is tangible, and has a one-off capital expenditure e.g. a rug. A service is non-tangible has a recurring cost e.g. cleaning. Software is neither. "Software is not done when it first works," it requires substantial costs to maintain and improve. 

A Message from WorkOS

WorkOS is a developer platform to make your app enterprise-ready. With a few simple APIs, you can add enterprise features like Single Sign-On, SAML, SCIM user provisioning, and more.

Quadratic Algorithms Are Slow (And Hashmaps Are Fast)
- Julia Evans
#Algorithms #Dictionary
tl;dr: Julia guides us through what a quadratic time function looks like, why it's slow, how to convert a quadratic algorithm into a linear one using a hashmap. 
tl;dr: "Good alt text means that screen reader users get the same 'meaning' from the page as a fully sighted user." Context and emotions matter. "Images can make you feel a particular way, and that's something that should be made available to a screen reader user."
On Making Architectural Decisions
- Evgeniy Nikonorov
#Architecture #DevOps

tl;dr: Here we are shown that the architect’s main task is to define the comprehensive context - a set of evaluation criteria - to make well-balanced architectural decisions, and how to go about doing so. 

tl;dr: "An international day celebrated on the 256th (hexadecimal 100th) day of each year, September 13 during common years and September 12 in leap years." Please celebrate today since you just learned about it. 
Kubernetes Best Practices 101
- Diego Lima

tl;dr: “Purpose of this guide is to help with the learning curve, helping to prepare a more stable, reliable and functional environment."
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