Issue #133

21 March 2019

The Problems in Remote Working
- Ryan Hoover, Founder at ProductHunt 
 #Remote #Management

tl;dr: Issues are loneliness, ability to disconnect, distractions (cats on keyboards 🐱), missing out on watercooler talk & poor quality communications tools. Also, remote members fear their work is judged more.  
Software Roles and Titles
Eric Elliott, Entrepreneur and Javascript Developer
tl;dr: The first half runs-through typical roles in engineering orgs from Engineering Fellow, CEO, CTO down to Intern, and how they tend to fit in both small and large orgs. The second half discusses how the cogs fit together to create the machine and typical dysfunctions.  
The Cloud And Open Source Powder Keg
Stephen O'Grady, Co-Founder at RedMonk
#Cloud #OSS

tl;dr: Commercial open source vendors are inevitably heading into conflict with cloud companies, as seen in the ongoing chess match between Elastic and Amazon. 
Give Me Back My Monolith
Craig Kerstiens, Head of Cloud Team at Citus Data 

tl;dr: Much has been made about micro-services, but downsides include more time onboarding new devs & increased complexity debugging. 
The Bitter Lesson
- Richard S. Sutton, Professor of Computer Science and iCORE Chair at the University of Alberta

tl;dr: AI Research is conducted with the assumption that computational power is constant so researchers seek human knowledge as leverage. However, due to Moore's Law, computational power is the defining factor in the long run. 
We Are Actively Destroying The Web
Chris Ferdinandi, Author Of The Vanilla JS Pocket Guide
#Accessibility #JS

tl;dr: Web pages built with popular JS frameworks are more likely to have accessibility issues. Lack of education & rise of inexperienced developers are causes. The article runs through examples of these issues and solutions to the ongoing problem. 
Canary In A Coal Mine: How Tech Provides Platforms For Hate
Tatiana Mac, Inclusive & Accessible Designer

tl;dr: Certain tech companies enable hate speech sacrificing the safety of others. In the latter part of the article, the author encourages steps everyone can take, such as scrutinizing potentially negative outcomes of products and algorithms that are being built.   
How Programmers Can Adapt To Increased Investment In Software
- Arthur Johnston, Developer

tl;dr: Specialize in a certain domain such as data science or mobile, don't over-specialize so you're too niche to hire. Be open to working in different industries and cities. 
How To Balance The Tension Between Data Science And Agile
- Anat Rapoport, VP Engineering at ZenCity
#Management #DataScience

tl;dr: Although specific deadlines are not alway possible with Data Scientists, flexible timelines & goal setting are. Trust & communication are key. Work in short cycle so DS aren't siloed for long. 
Who Has The Fastest Website In F1?
Jake Archibald, Developer Advocate for Google Chrome

tl;dr: None of sites are built on JS frameworks, they are mostly Drupal or Wordpress with lots of jQuery, none pre-load fonts. This article audits each site providing in-depth advice on performance improvements. 🏎️
Using Go Modules
- Go Engineering Team

tl;dr: Go 1.11 and 1.12 include support for modules. Article walks through basic operations - create a new module, add and upgrade dependencies, add dependency on a new major version, upgrade a dependency to a new major version, remove unused dependencies. 
Cache-Control for Civilians
Harry Roberts, Consultant Performance Engineer

tl;dr: Strategies for caching via the Cache-Control HTTP Header can be highly bespoke and granular. Run-through of techniques and best practices. 
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