Issue #113.1

8 March 2017

Issue #113.1

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How Reddit Ranking Algorithms Work
Amir Salihefendic, Founder & CEO of Doist
The Developer's Edge: How to Become a Senior Developer
Andrei Neagoie, Developer 
JavaScript in 2017 – Beyond the Browser
TJ VanToll, Web Developer and Author
Forecasting Website Traffic Using Facebook's Prophet Library
- Chris Moffitt, Engineer
Google Cloud Container Builder: A Fast and Flexible Way to Package Your Software
- David Bendory, Tech Lead and Software Engineer and Christopher Sanson, Product Manager, Google Cloud Container Builder Team
5 Python Development Setup Tips to Boost Your Productivity
- Dan Bader, Full Stack Python Engineer

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JavaScript in Parallel
Martin Splitt, Software Engineer at Archilogic
Guide to Functional Interfaces in Java
- Shubham Aggarwal, Engineer
Why Learning to Code Alexa Skills is the Gateway to a Cloud Computing Job
- Drew Firment, Technology Director, Cloud Engineering at Capital One
Gravity Programming Language
Marco Bambini, Creolabs and SQLabs founder
Deep Dive into Java 9’s Stack-Walking API
- Arnaud Roger, Software Engineer
Python 3 Tutorial
- The New Boston

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