Issue #199

11 August 2020

Issue #199
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#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: Risk tolerance defines leaders. Those with a low tolerance become bureaucrats - glamorous titles, big paychecks, scarred from past experiences. Others "embrace death," seeing it to be their duty to "protect and empower."

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#CareerAdvice #Management
tl;dr: "Creates clarity on how you work — what you value, how you look at problems, what your blind spots or areas of growth are, and how to build trust with you." Julie recommends writing your own guide to give to managers and teammates, providing examples.
tl;dr: (1) Work directly with smart people that challenge you intellectually. (2) Stick with projects through multiple cycles so you "develop an intuition about what really matters when you code." (3) Understand the breadth vs depth tradeoff. (4) Patience.  
#SQL #Git
tl;dr: "A command-line tool for running SQL queries on git repositories meant for ad-hoc querying of git repositories on disk through a common interface (SQL)."
tl;dr: Uduak guides through 13 things he's learned before, during and after interviews, such as how to handle introductory phone and technical phone calls, what to do when you’re stuck on a problem in the interview, and more.  

“It’s harder to read code than to write it.”

- Joel Spolsky

tl;dr: "What follows is a first set of patterns observed in mainstream open source distributed systems. I hope that these set of patterns will be useful to all developers."
Privacy Focused Analytics From Scratch
- Andrew Healey
tl;dr: "The goal was to collect information about page views in a privacy focused manner so that no GDPR notice is required."
tl;dr: "Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code. This includes reading and responding to compiler messages!"
tl;dr: (1) Value contributions to documentation just as much as code contributions. (2) Put documentation and code in the same project repo. (3) Make documentation a requirement for a merge or release milestone, and more. 
#Metrics #Guide
tl;dr: "Current and relevant online resources to help guide you on logging, tracing, and metrics."

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