Issue #213

3 November 2020

Issue #213
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tl;dr: Charity is asked for advice by an engineer who has "accidentally" becomes the most senior on a team. Her advice is to leave. A "real senior engineer" has managed 2-3 teams, stacks, languages over a 5-8 year period. 
#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: (1) Have a simple response, such as “Oh, I’m so sorry” (2) Don't try and solve their problem or make this about yourself. Ask open questions instead. (3) Mirror their energy, use body language (nod, eye contact) (4) Create silence and space. (5) Consider your role and how to help. (6) Follow up. 
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "Learning rates were slower in the forced-choice situation than they were in the free-choice one. It is as though the participants were less invested in the outcomes..."
#Management #RemoteWork
tl;dr: Radoslav shares Product Hunt's engineering principles. "The goal is never to get blocked," especially as the team is remote. Radoslav guides us through five principles - ownership, small checkpoints, coding best practices, boy scout rules and data driven decisions.
tl;dr: Key principles behind the move include: (1) Don’t solve what’s been solved elsewhere. (2) Remove duplication, but don’t over-simplify. (3) Break the tech silos through culture & communication, and more. 

"Testing can only prove the presence of bugs, not their absence."

Edsger W. Dijkstra
The Man Who Carried Computer Science on His Shoulders
- Krzysztof Apt
tl;dr: Krzysztof details the life and career of Edsger Dijkstra." It is difficult to find another scientist who left such an impressive mark in the history of computer science."
tl;dr: "The average website produces 1.76 grams CO2 per page view. For a website with 10,000 monthly page views, that's 211 kg CO2 per year."
tl;dr: Nikita explains what Higher Kinded Types (HKTs) are, why they are useful, how they are implemented, limitations and how they can be used in projects. 
tl;dr: "This year we've already invested heavily in both developer experience and improving performance for all applications. We focused on reducing the amount of JavaScript the browser has to load."
tl;dr: "The goal of this survey is to better understand what people think of the Haskell programming language, together with its ecosystem and community."

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