Issue #191

10 July 2020

Issue #191
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#CareerAdvice #Guide
tl;dr: A guide on learning for developers asking, but not limited to, the following - How to avoid ineffective methods, procrastination and distractions?  
#Management #ManagementProcess
tl;dr: Effective planning is based on 4 simple values: (1) open, direct communication & close collaboration (2) identifying & resolving as much uncertainty and complexity (3) ignoring unrelated work(4) being overly detailed when describing tasks.
Dynamic Linking
- Drew DeVault
tl;dr: "Do your installed programs share dynamic libraries? Is loading dynamically linked programs faster? Wouldn't statically linked executables be huge?"
#Entertaining #DevOps
tl;dr: Trey gets a call from the Chairman of The Statistics Department at the college campus he was working at and is told: "we can't send mail more than 500 miles."
tl;dr: Developers should be involved in the product discovery process, not sidelined. They also tend to roped into overly structuring their future work i.e. "predictive planning, creating arbitrary due dates, etc..."

“Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It's your place in the world; it's your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.” 

- Mae Jemison

tl;dr: "Studies show that process matters. When properly used, Go’s built-in tooling supports better processes while providing time-tested features." It's what's missing from the language that makes it so. 
#Microsoft #Rust
tl;dr: "Microsoft is gradually switching to Rust to build its infrastructure software, away from C/C++."
#IndustryNews #IndustryTrend
tl;dr: "Feedback from 19,696 developers whom we surveyed helped us identify the latest trends around tools, technologies, programming languages."
Announcing Pylance: Fast, Feature-Rich Language Support For Python In Visual Studio Code
- Savannah Ostrowski
#VisualStudio #Python
tl;dr: Includes Type Information, Auto-Imports, Type Checking Diagnostics and more. 
tl;dr: "This post highlights a few powerful lines of CSS that do some serious heavy lifting and help you build robust modern layouts."

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