Issue #275

10 December 2021

Issue #275

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Hiring (And Retaining) A Diverse Engineering Team
- Gergely Orosz
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "Stories from 6 engineering leaders who succeeded in building and growing diverse teams," with the following key takeaways: (1) Underrepresented leaders make a difference. (2) There are tactical wins you can start now e.g. bias training, partnering with organizations. (3) Use structure to drive diversity outcomes & create processes around those outcomes. (4) Tactics need a defined strategy and goals.
Scaling Productivity On Microservices At Lyft (Part 2): Optimizing For Fast Local Development
- Scott Wilson
#Management #InternalTools

tl;dr: "We set out to make a simple and fast inner dev loop. The core shift that needed to be made was from the fully integrated environment of Onebox (many services), toward an isolated environment where only one service and its tests would run. This new isolated environment would be run on developer laptops. Users simply edit code and run tests with no additional steps in between." 
Wrangler 2.0 — A New Developer Experience For Cloudflare Workers (Eliminate Cold Starts)
- Ashcon Partovi, Sunil Pai

tl;dr: We’ve made it much easier to get started with Cloudflare Workers. All you need is a single JavaScript file to run a Worker -- no configuration needed. You don't even need to decide on a name!

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Unconscious Bias Training That Works
- Francesca Gino, Katherine Coffman
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: The following are elements of successful UB training detailed in this post: (1) You hold the power. Bias is often subtle and our brains are wired for change. (2) Create empathy by trying to understand where others are coming from. (3) Encourage interactions among people from different groups. (4) Encourage good practices and continued learning. (5) Set a broader strategy for more significant impact.

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Processing Billions Of Events In Real Time At Twitter
- Lu Zhang, Chukwudiuto Malife
#Scale #Architecture #Twitter

tl;dr: "We process approximately 400 billion events in real time and generate petabyte (PB) scale data every day." The authors discuss existing challenges with the current architecture, new architecture, and how they evaluate performance.

No Easter Eggs in Curl
- Dan Stenberg

tl;dr: "Easter eggs are unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software, included as a joke or bonus" and, among the enthusiast community, "people seem to generally like this concept in software and devices." Dan explains why he's against adding them into Curl.

#BestPractice #Cloud
tl;dr: (1) Limit manual configurations, (2) Design a recovery program to recover from outside accounts, providers, or locales. (3) Regularly review your DNS and cloud configurations to prevent take-over situations, and more.
#Rust #Linux #IndustryNews
tl;dr: "Today, not only is Rust, the high-level system language moving closer to Linux, it's closer than ever with the next "patch series to add support for Rust as a second language to the Linux kernel."
Notable GitHub Repos
Ant Design
An enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library.

A terminal for a more modern age.

Lightweight, memory-protected, message-passing kernel for deeply embedded systems.

Kubernetes Node Autoscaling: built for flexibility, performance, and scalability.
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