Issue #27.1

8 April 2015

Issue #27.1: Pointer Exclusive: "Thoughts from a Tech Lead", and more...

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{Ed. Note: Pointer is now publishing exclusive content! We're currently accepting submissions, so if you're interested in writing, hit us up at}
- Written by Derek Parham, Former Technical Lead for Google Apps, Entrepreneur and Startup Advisor
- Written by Jennifer Cloer, PR at Linux Foundation
- Selected by Brian Donohue, CEO of Instapaper
- Presented by Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google
- Written by Aaron Lasseigne, Ruby Developer
- Written by The Engineering Team at Pansop
- Written by Dan Lew, Android Developer at Trello
- Selected by Rich Hong, CTO and Co-Founder of Confide
- Written by Alex Rboots, Developer
- Written by Jyotiska NK, Python and Go Developer at DataWeave
- Selected by Brian Donohue, CEO of Instapaper
- Written by Erik Dietrich, Technologist
- Written by The StackOverflow Team
- Written by Ben Lewis, Full Stack Developer
- Written by Dan Miller, Core Platform Engineer at Etsy

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