Issue #92.1

3 August 2016

Issue #92.1: "My Interviews with Amazon", and much more...

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My Interviews with Amazon
- Written by Aaron Krauss, Full-stack Web Developer
I Love Go, I Hate Go
- Created by Adam Leventhal, Author of Dtrace
Why We Lost Uber as a User
- Written by Josh Berkus, Project Atomic Community Lead at Red Hat
On Uber's Choice of Databases
- Written by Markus Winand, Coach, Author, Developer. Mostly about SQL indexing. 
#Postgres #mySQL
The 2016 Top Programming Languages
- Written by Stephen Cass, Senior editor at IEEE Spectrum

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Inside the Fastest Font Renderer in the World
- Written by Raph Levien, Software Engineer on the Android UI Toolkit team
Rationally Irrational
- Created by David Heinemeier Hansson, Creator of Rails
- Written by Tim Wood, Founder of Moment.js
Non-Production Environment: Anti-Patterns (2015)
- Created by Joseph Lynch, Technology Leader
Ember.js: Announcing the Glimmer 2 Alpha
- Written by Godfrey Chan, Ember.js Core Team Engineer
gh-ost: GitHub's Online Schema Migration Tool for mySQL
- Written by Shlomi Noach, software engineer, DBA and MySQL geek
#mySQL #GitHub

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