Issue #169

16 January 2020

Issue #169
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- Dan Abramov
#CareerAdvice #PracticalTips
tl;dr: Developers strive for cleaner code. There's an inflection point when a developer starts writing code in abstraction, this feels like a "super power." Dan learnt this comes with its own trade-offs. "Clean code is not a goal."
- Alex Hudson
#ThoughtPiece #IndustryTrend 
tl;dr: Alex considers the "no code" discussions a "pipe dream," not seeing any tangible evidence. Certain tools have replaced software e.g. Zapier. With software, the "devil is in the details" and that cannot be replicated. 
- Jerry Colonna
#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: Leaders are often created through a "rite of passage," a moment coined the crucible. "The magic, the alchemy, occurs when what we do mixes with who we are and is cooked by the heat of what we believe." Unpacking that, knowing who you are is critical to leadership.
Notes On Technical Writing
- Marcus Kazmierczak
#Documentation #PracticalTips
tl;dr: Marcus frequently writes documentation for Wordpress. Here, he guides us through some of his learnings, including the concept of Minimalist Instruction. 
- Sedat Kapanoglu
tl;dr: A laundry list of changes seen by Sedat, including this - "being a software development team now involves all team members performing a mysterious ritual of standing up together for 15 minutes in the morning and drawing occult symbols with post-its."

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- Curtis Poe
#Database #Guides #PracticalTips
tl;dr: Curtis runs through some tips on database design - whether to go with camel case names or underscore_names, plural or singular tables, column naming, and more. 
"Before software can be reusable,
it first has to be usable."

– Ralph Johnson
- Rina Artstain
#Management #CodeReview
tl;dr: A management style of communication that's "kind and clear, specific and sincere" is applied to both design and code reviews here.  

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- Justin Schuh
#Chrome #Cookies
tl;dr: Within 2 years, Chrome plans to phase out 3rd party cookies and maintain a healthy ad-supported web, using open-standard mechanisms like the Privacy Sandbox.
- Coda Hale 
 #OrganizationalDesign #ManagementProcess #Scaling
tl;dr: Org design is fetishized by corporate America always looking for some hack. There isn't one. Organizations are imperfect and, at very best, scale linearly. Despite that, there are tips on how to design a scaling organization here. 
- John Williams
#AWS #Packets
tl;dr: Seeing delays in large uploads to AWS, John discovered thousands of out-of-order packets causing retransmissions. When told this, AWS said that “out-of-order packets are not a bug." He discusses how the issue was fixed.
- Gregory Szorc
tl;dr: Divided into two parts, the first are the objective steps taken to migrate to Python 3. The second is the authors opinions. "For Mercurial, Python 3 introduces a ton of problems and doesn't really solve many."
tl;dr: "TypeScript offers above basic type checking, but soundness and runtime type checking are not goals, and this leaves TypeScript in an unfortunate halfway house with one foot in a better world and one where we currently are."

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